A whopping fact alert! Did you know that YouTube has over 2 billion users who view more than 5 billion videos every single day? Well, you read it right! That’s the number of an audience watching the humongous amount of videos online. So, hope you understand the benefits of using YouTube ads for brands and businesses.

Let’s discuss a few aspects of YouTube advertising and the 10 prime reasons your brand should leverage YouTube ads right now!

YouTube – the King of all Content Promotion

First thing first, the question arises, why would someone advertise on YouTube? What returns would be gained from investing one or two grands on online video advertising campaigns. Well, YouTube is primarily an online video streaming platform that takes pride in its 2 billion active users.

That’s undoubtedly an enormous audience, which further means that there’s a huuuge scope of getting your brand noticed by using online video ads for your business. There are quite afew variants or types of YouTube ads that brands can fittingly leverage for their awareness-building endeavors. Namely:

  • Skippable In-Stream Video Ads
  • Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Non-Video Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Sponsored Cards

It is evident that all these ad forms are highly instrumental in driving quality leads and traffic in the most cost-effective way. The platform works like magic if you are a product-based company aiming to generate leads. However, that doesn’t mean at all that service-oriented brands cannot make use of YouTube.

Brands like United Airlines, Xfinity Mobile, Aegon Life – have successfully leveraged YouTube ads and drove a high conversion percentage. And not just big brands, startups, and SMEs can promote their brands effectively on YouTube through innovative ad content. The content just needs to resonate with the target group and urge them to take action.

Let’s check out the tons of benefits that can be reaped from out-of-the-box YouTube brand ads.

Ads on YouTube are Affordable and Hassle-Free

Anyone familiar with the PPC advertising model knows that it is one of the most cost-effective strategies for any brand. You only have to pay when your ads get clicked. On top of that, you have control of the amount to be paid. That said, YouTube being one of the leading online video streaming platforms, follows the PPC model of advertising.

This makes it extremely lucrative and affordable, especially for small businesses and start-ups who usually have a shoestring budget for online advertisement. Hence, it is a myth that YouTube comes with an exorbitant price tag to run ads. And what’s more, YouTube doesn’t charge you for the viewers who skip your video after the initial five seconds.

YouTube Ads generate more Engagement than other kinds of Content

Ads on YouTube engage us more than TVCs owing to the fact that they are short, crisp, to the point, and are created while keeping the very short attention span of viewers.

And in a bid to win the audience, YouTube video creators strive to make their videos as memorable as possible with engaging visuals and a compelling story. The flexibility of targeting different customer demographics makes it even more easier for marketers to create memorable and engaging brand ad content to cater to an eager fanbase.

YouTube has a Unique and Enormous Reach being the 2nd largest Search Engine

Since its inception back in February, 2005, it has now become the secondlargest search engine, just behind Google. With more than 2 billion users viewing 5 billion videos every day – YouTube surely has an enormous reach.

So it goes without saying that brands looking to expand their reach can leverage the platform with nearabout 100% success rate. It is quite evident from the fact that YouTube’s reach between the age range of 18-50, is higher than any broadcast or cable TV.

This has intensified more owing to the mass usage of Smartphones. As well as the fact that people tend to put their Smartphones down less these days. So, in short, any brand trying their luck on YouTube can definitely see positive results within months of regular activity.

Running Ad Campaigns on YouTube Improves a Brand’s SEO Quotient

It is obvious that people prefer to watch a 2 minutes video rather than read an article or a Blog with a reading time of 20 minutes. And that clearly testifies to the surge in online video viewership.

In fact, more than 59% of marketers have stated that they would rather watch a video than reading. This again brings us to the fact that videos have a higher clickrate. And content that gets the most number of clicks performs extremely well on the SERPs.

This is another great significance of availing YouTube ads for brands and businesses, as well as any marketing strategy. So if you are utilizing the platform for your business, you are doing just the right thing!

YouTube Ads are Extremely Targeted and Effective

The more you target, the higher you achieve. Marketing activities that are less targeted and more like done on a random basis, either tend to backfire, or gain awful backlash on social media. But with YouTube, you can be extremely detailed with your customer segmentation and targeting the exact audience.

For e.g. Contextual targeting shows up content related to your own content. Then there’s demographic targeting, where you can target your users based on their age, geographic location, gender, so and so forth. Topic-wise targeting helps you reach audiences based on their topic of interest.

Affinity audience, custom affinity audience – both these targeting tactics enable a marketer to select users with an extremely specific topic of interest in a more granular fashion.

YouTube gives you Legit Information and Entertainment, not just Newsfeeds

The prime difference between YouTube and other social channels is, users dedicate legit time to the former while just casually scrolling the newsfeed in other apps. If you talk about Facebook, people stroll through the newsfeed and often hit the react buttons, and seldom open up Messenger to chat.

In Insta too, skimming through the newsfeed, double-tapping, and sharing pictures are the major activities per se.

However, YouTube demands substantial time from its users, and even they are ready to dedicate the time in exchange for learning something new. YouTube gives them free access to a plethora of engaging videos that they would want to spend time with.

In short, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest – are just passing phases. But YouTube is the forever constant, which is a great gambit in conveying your brand message. A well-built ad or video content optimized for YouTube can take your brand to the next level. Another great reason for leveraging YouTube ads for brands and businesses.

YouTube Ads Affect User Behavior – Mostly in Positive

YouTube ads are watched by millions. And these ads do create a significant impact on user behavior. Marketers and brand owners get a fantastic opportunity to connect with their target groups directly and flaunt their products. If your content is lucky and can appeal to the audience, these ads can be a conversion machine for your brand.

Studies say that almost 72% of cars and automobile buyers are directly influenced by seeing their preferred brands’ YouTube ads. The same goes for beauty products lovers;66% of them make their purchase decision only after seeing an ad of their liked brands on YouTube. And this percentage figure is 62% for gadget freaks, who make their Smartphone purchase decision by seeing YouTube ads.

Keeping it simple, using YouTube ads to showcase your products and services is a great option to drive more sales and conversion.

YouTube AdsMetrics are Easy to Trackand Measure

Not measuring the success or performance of ad campaigns is a fatal mistake that marketers often make. And mostly, this happens with small businesses and start-ups, wherein one person has to play multiple roles.

However, this is one of the most vital aspects of running an ad campaign. And quite fortunately, YouTube gives you an exceptionally easy way to track all your ads and gain critical insights. It’s just a one-click job, wherein you only need to click on the ‘Analytics’ menu in your account.

Being able to track and measure the metrics helps you avoid any financial loss and enables you to understand exactly where you went wrong. With these detailed insights, you can tweak your ad and optimize it for conversion.

In the ‘Analytics’ section, you can also see which audience your ad is really reaching out to and how each ad is performing. Using YouTube ad campaignsjust got another great validation.

YouTube Ads help Create an Instant Connection with the Target Audience

One of the key factors that make YouTube the go-to marketing option for marketers is the ‘connection’ factor. Owing to its massive reach, the possibilities of ads on the channel are endless. Through them, you can not just get your ideas conveyed to your audience.

But also can connect with them emotionally. You may choose from different ad formats as per your goal for this purpose. YouTube ads can connect with the viewers based on the message conveyed.

For e.g., messages with emotional factors connect easily, while technical ads take a while. If your ads show how fast your service/product can solve your audience’s painpoints, it becomes easier to create this connection. The distance between buyer and vendor lessens.

YouTube Ads can be used a Lead Generation Tools

UsingYouTube ads for brands and businesses is a great idea to build an email list. As much you need to focus on enhancing your content, a marketer must also focus on getting their channel viewers onto their email marketing database.

And if you ask why, not just email marketing is easy and pocket-friendly but also has the highest click rate. It is one of the leading channels that customers use on a daily basis for personal, as well as for business communications.And at the same time, keep sharing value-added content.

There are software with which you can embed your sign-up form directly within your videos. These forms will pop up halfway through the video, and the interested users shall share their details (name, email address, phone number) and subscribe to your channel before moving on with the rest of the video. This is the easiest way to keep your mailing list growing, as well as impart valuable content to your target audience.


Creating YouTube Ads are not highly Laborious or Expensive

Though it may seem creating YouTube ads is a pricey task, in reality, you can just use your Smartphone to create a YouTube ad content. You do not need any professional equipment or technical knowledge. It’s all about a basic marketing and aesthetic sense and a bit of good audio/video quality. And that’s all you need to be active on YouTube for your brand.

iPhone, Oppo, Vivo, and Samsung – are all in the race to give their consumers the best picture and sound quality. So if you have a product you want to showcase, focus on proper lighting, the background, and take some good snaps.

You may also take a short video in 4K quality and upload it. After all, YouTube is a place for novices, so you do not need to be 100% perfect in your ads. Which is why, YouTube ads for small business is gaining major popularity.

Sometimes advertisements produced by big production houses fail to create an impact amongst the audience. But on the contrary, amateur ad content created in a shoestring budget appeals to the audience. So it all depends on what you are showing, how you are showing, and whom you are showing.

Wrapping Up!

Let’s end this with a simple verdict. YouTube is worth investing in. And the sooner you start, the higher is the return. With a stupendous reach, exceptional targeting facility, simple analytics dashboard, thorough analytics and insights, and most importantly, highly competitive pricing – YouTube is the best media of the 21st century that brands can avail for their branding and marketing activities.

You just need to be specific in your offerings, have a clear CTA, and if required, consult a professional video producing agency if your budget allows. And if not, nevermind, YouTube gives equal service to all.

Just grab your Smartphone and take a great shot of your product, or record a short video of you talking about your services. Fine-tune them, adjust the lightings, add some filters, a nice background score, and voila! Upload the piece on your YouTube channel, or run an ad campaign. Before investing in YouTube ads, consider all the possibilities and make your choice wisely.

And if you want to know more on how to use YouTube ads to grow your business, we are just an email away! Happy Marketing!

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