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Stumped for Instagram post ideas?

Here are 23 24 engaging ideas you can swipe right now!

Other brands have used these ideas to impress their followers, build their audience, and boost their sales. Why not you?

This infographic from Unmetric reveals the most engaging types of brand posts on Instagram.

If you’re trying to succeed with Instagram marketing, use these tips to see what works best there. Then customize them to fit your messaging style and social media goals!

24 Instagram Post Ideas for Social Media Marketers

There are plenty here to choose from! Some are quick and easy. Others, like holding a contest, will take preparation.

Decide which suits your business and budget, and watch your engagement grow.

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1. Instagram giveaways and contests

Grow your following and call attention to your products with contests. Marketers call this a shortcut to engagement!

An easy way to manage contests is with an app like Wishpond.

2. Thought leadership

Visually showcase your expertise. This one’s absolutely perfect for photographers and designers. But almost any business can impress their audience by sharing tips on simple graphics.

Create a template and bang out a bunch of them! You could share one every #TipTuesday.

Snappa is my favorite easy tool to help you make speedy graphics.

• • • Try Snappa for Graphic Design Online • • •

Try it out for free! Free-forever version includes 5 downloads.

3. Product features and benefits

Associate your product with your brand values, heighten its exclusivity, or share how it solves a pressing problem of your audience.

This will generate enthusiasm among those your product suits best!

Don’t forget to find the best time to post on Instagram to maximize your success.

4. Product launches

Publicize new product launches and classics that are getting an upgrade. Create anticipation!

5. User-generated content

You don’t have to do it all yourself! Share your best customer content (with their permission).

73% of people said user content (or “UGC”) confirmed their decision to buy a specific product. So try it!

6. Influencer and celebrity endorsements

You don’t need to have a huge company or budget to harness the power of influencer marketing. Every niche has their own “tastemakers” whose fans hang on their every recommendation.

7. Cause-related marketing

You can’t be all about your own business. Project the ideals and values your company stands for by promoting or donating to an important nonprofit.

8. Holidays and events

My favorite! In addition to major holidays like Christmas and Halloween, small businesses can win engagement with numerous fun holidays that are relevant to your industry and audience.

Need holiday ideas? I have them for every month of the year!

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9. Use popular hashtags

My hashtag policy differs somewhat. Perhaps using wildly popular tags like #ootd or #tbt might work for huge brands that have already built an engaged audience.

But until your account gets there, these tags will have your post buried in the hashtag feed within seconds.

Read my take on how to use Instagram hashtags to grow your account.

10. Memes

Memes can be effective if they suit your brand style and audience.

You can post animated GIPHY memes on Instagram!

GIPHY offers a one-click solution to turn any GIF into a perfectly looped fifteen-second .mp4 for you to upload directly to Instagram. Here’s how.


11. DIY ideas

Can you help your followers solve a problem quickly? Share your advice in a DIY post!

I’ve noticed that time-lapse videos work great for quick DIY tips.

12. Instagram quotes

Quotes are always popular when they’re aligned with your audience’s interests and your brand mission.

My go-to tool for quick quote graphics is Stencil. There are over 100,000 quotes right in the app! You can see my sample below.

Open a template, search by your theme word (beauty, peace, health, marketing) and you’ll instantly get quotes you can pop in.

Easy as pie! Plus you can quickly resize them to the optimal sizes for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, if you like.

• • • Try Stencil for quote graphics here • • •

Instagram quote graphic made with Stencil.

Don’t need a design tool?

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13. Stunts and extreme sports

If this fits your niche, capture stunning feats and wow your followers.

14. Behind the scenes

Instagram is a great place to connect with your audience and build up know-like-trust with them!

Make them feel special by sharing a sneak peek behind the scenes.

15. Employees and workplace

Show your followers the hard work and commitment that goes into building your brand.

Need a good photo editor for your pics? Pixlr E is a great choice.

16. Hyperlapse videos

Put a fresh spin on otherwise mundane images by making a hyperlapse video.


17. Stats and numbers

Tell a story by sharing stats that’ll impress your audience.

Perfect for sports teams, nonprofit work, marketing companies and more. Brag a little about what you’ve accomplished!

Remember to keep your graphic simple, since it’s being viewed at a small size.

An easy tool to make quick infographics is Venngage. Sample image below.

• • • Try Venngage for fast infographics here • • •

easy tool to make quick infographics.

18. Artsy stuff

Doodles, sketches, and calligraphy are extremely popular on Instagram.

If this fits your niche and your skill set, give it a go!

One of my favorite artistic accounts is Positively Present. I’m a Patreon!

I also recommend Introvert Doodles. Check them out!

Positively Present Butterfly doodle art.

19. Offers and promotions

Spread the word about sales and offers to drive traffic to your online and offline stores.

Be sure to post both in the feed and an Instagram Story! Once you reach 10,000 followers, you can add a live link in your Story.

20. Throwback Thursday / Flashback Friday

Seems everyone loves nostalgia!

Using “throwback” posts to highlight the legacy of your business and celebrate its history is an especially effective way to build your brand with #vintagelove.

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21. Customer testimonials

Share quotes or short videos from customers explaining how they use and love your product or service.

22. Link to blog content

Except in IG Stories or ads, you only get one live link on Instagram – in your bio.

Entice people to click by summarizing what they’ll gain by reading your latest blog post.

Don’t forget to make an Instagram Profile Picture that rocks!

23. Recipes

Sharing an easy recipe right on Instagram is truly providing vale.

If this suits your audience, post it with a lip-smacking photo or a brief time-lapse video.

24. Reels

Don’t forget this latest feature! These short, 15 or 30-second videos live in their own tab that can be accessed above the account’s feed.

However, when you upload a Reel, you can also choose to post it to your Feed. If you choose this option, the Reel will show up in your profile grid along with your other posts.

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Thanks to Unmetric for sharing this Instagram infographic.

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Be sure to pin the infographic to your Pinterest board.

Posting consistently with these Instagram post ideas is key to growing your presence on IG.

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Instagram post ideas infographic.

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