Memorial Day isn’t just the unofficial start of summer, the day many public pools open, and a time to gather around the BBQ with your loved ones. It’s most importantly a time to remember those who lost their lives while serving in the US military.

If you’re looking for a way to honor the day while also connecting with your audience, look no further. I’m sharing Memorial Day messages and greetings you can share on social media, in your emails, and more with customers, employees, and anyone who engages with your business online.

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Quick tips for your Memorial Day messages

Before we get into it, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you choose or customize your Memorial Day greeting.

  • Keep it simple. You don’t have to get real fancy with your Memorial Day messages. A simple greeting that lets your audience know you’re thinking about them, pays homage to the reason behind the observance, or communicates what you need to communicate will work great.
  • Be sensitive. Memorial Day may be a sensitive day for some as it honors those who died while serving in the US military, so keep that in mind as you prepare your message.
  • Tailor it for your needs. Your Memorial Day message may vary based on where you’re sharing it. An email may need a little extra content, whereas a social media post or SMS message will be more concise.
  • Keep it on brand. Connect with your audience by communicating your Memorial Day message in your brand voice and using assets that align with your brand colors. This will help you stand out from the other Memorial Day messages and posts people will see.

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Now that you have some basic tips and guidelines in place, let’s get into some messages you can copy and paste or customize for Memorial Day.

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General Memorial Day messages and greetings

Here are some messages anyone can use to acknowledge Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! May we never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Enjoy the day with your loved ones, and don’t forget to think about those who served and sacrificed. Happy Memorial Day!

What’s your favorite Memorial Day tradition? We’ll be firing up the BBQ and taking a moment of silence to remember those who served at 3 p.m. Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

memorial day instagram image for national moment of remembrance

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Messages of remembrance

Today, we remember those who sacrificed so we could live in freedom.

This Memorial Day, we’re thankful for those who gave their lives while serving. And we’re thinking of those who have lost someone they love. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Did you know Memorial Day has been observed since 1868? We’re proud to continue honoring and remembering those who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms.


“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” – Elmer Davis

“Heroism doesn’t always happen in a burst of glory. Sometimes small triumphs and large hearts change the course of history.” – Mary Roach

“Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it. it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.” – Anonymous

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell

“You will never do anything in this world without courage.” – Aristotle

Get more Memorial Day quotes you can use in your messages here.

memorial day quote image in canva

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Memorial Day messages from businesses

Here are some Memorial Day messages businesses can use to discuss changing store hours, business closures, special offers, or well wishes.

Closed on Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, [Business Name] will be closed on Monday, May 27. You can always find us at [website URL]. We’ll reopen normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

From all of us at [Business Name], we want to wish you a very Happy Memorial Day! We’ll be honoring this day with our friends and families, so we will be closed Monday, May 27. We’ll resume normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28.

Closing early

[Business Name] will be closing early on Monday, May 27, in honor of Memorial Day. Come see us from [business hours on Memorial Day] or during our normal business hours [normal business hours] on Tuesday.

In honor of Memorial Day, we’ll be closing early on Monday, May 27. We’ll still be here to help you [something related to your business] until [time of close], so come in and see us! Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, May 28.

memorial day facebook post example about closing early


From all of us at [Business Name], we wish you a Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing you a happy, safe Memorial Day from your friends at [Business Name]!

Stay safe this Memorial Day and enjoy time with your loved ones 🇺🇸


We’re celebrating this Memorial Day with a social media contest! Like our latest Instagram post highlighting our Memorial Day specials and tag a friend in the comments. Each tag is a separate entry. The winner will receive [insert prize here], and we’ll announce the winner on Instagram on June 1, 2023. The winner will also be notified via direct message, so make sure your DMs are open.

memorial day contest post on instagram

Special offer

Don’t miss our Memorial Day special offer! Come see us Memorial Day weekend to get 35% off your purchase [or other promotion]. Veterans and active military get an extra 10% off on top of that!

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Seasonal product or service

We’ve created a special Memorial Day [product or service] in honor of this special observance. This [product or service] will only be available from [dates of active product or service], so don’t miss your chance to try it!

memorial day limited edition item message

Memorial Day messages for social media

We have a couple of resources with social media posts and Instagram captions you can use this Memorial Day.

The last resource includes Memorial Day ideas as well as other May holidays you may want to feature on your social sites.

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Memorial Day messages to employees

Many businesses are closed on Memorial Day. If that’s the case for your business and you’re looking for some messages to send your employees, look no further.

Monday, May 27, is a paid company holiday in honor of Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy this time with your loved ones and take a moment to rest and recharge. We’ll see you on Tuesday, May 28. Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day, [Business Name] will be closed on Monday, May 27. Enjoy this time with your loved ones, and we’ll see you relaxed and ready to go on Tuesday, May 28!

Thank you to all our employees for making [Business Name] so great and for keeping us open this holiday. We appreciate you today and every day, and we hope you have a Happy Memorial Day.

memorial day email header

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Make your Memorial Day messages memorable

These Memorial Day messages and greetings will help you connect with your audience, communicate important updates from your business, or simply serve as a reminder of why we celebrate at all.

Don’t forget to include a compelling image with your message (if applicable). We’ve curated some you can customize on Canva here.

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