You might be waiting out the April showers to pick your May flowers, but there’s no reason to wait until April is over to get more out of your business’s email marketing.

April can be the perfect month for a newsletter email since your readers are likely excited for the fresh start of spring. Whether you have a monthly or quarterly newsletter already in place, or you’re looking to start a fresh newsletter for your business this month, these April newsletter ideas are here to set you up for success and maximize your email marketing results.

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April newsletter ideas for any business

No matter what niche market you may be in, these universal April newsletter ideas are sure to rain down positive results.

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1. A simple April newsletter

This first April newsletter idea might seem like a no-brainer, but it can often be overlooked. Sometimes, a simple April newsletter that shares March or April highlights of the latest and greatest news from your business is all you need to see increased email engagement.

2. Say hello to spring

The spring equinox is March 19, so by April, spring is in full swing! Frame your newsletter around a “hello, spring” theme by sharing what you or your employees love about the season.

april newsletter ideas - spring email example


3. Year-in-review newsletter

Believe it or not, April is not too late to do a year-in-review newsletter. This type of newsletter allows you to look back on your business’s successes throughout the whole year. If you decide to try this April newsletter idea, you could also include your predictions for the coming year, since the first quarter has already passed.

4. Give a Q1 recap

Speaking of the first quarter of the year, can you believe it’s already flown by? Odds are, your customers will be feeling the same way. So, catch them up on everything they may have missed from your business in a Q1 recap newsletter.

5. Share Q2 plans

On the opposite end of the April newsletter idea above, your business has a fresh quarter to create content around. Give your customers a glimpse of what to expect from your brand in the next three months. You could tease upcoming products, updates, sales, and more that you’re looking forward to.

6. Highlight customer success stories

Have you had any recent reviews, customer testimonials, learnings from internal customer data, or other client success stories your business could share? Turn it into an April newsletter by sharing the full story of your customer’s pain point and how your business came to the rescue!

april newsletter ideas - customer insight email example

7. Do an employee spotlight

Whether you run an employee of the month program or not, spotlighting an employee in your April newsletter can be an effective way to reinforce your employer branding.

8. Use your April newsletter to promote a sale

Turn your April newsletter into an opportunity to increase sales for your business. Try promoting a seasonal sale within the content of your email. Even if you don’t have a sale active at the time of your email send, you could still tease upcoming special offers for occasions like Mother’s Day, graduation, and more.

9. Promote your other marketing channels

Use your April newsletter as a vehicle for getting more followers on social media, more visits to your website, and beyond. For example, you could provide a recap of your most successful March social media posts, and encourage your audience to follow your business to see what posts you have in store for social media in April.

Alternatively, you could use the same idea for your website by sharing your recent popular blog posts and reminding your audience to click to your website for more content this April.

10. Give your audience an April calendar

Help your audience work your business into their April schedules with a handy April calendar template included in your April newsletter. You could fill in the calendar with dates that are important to your business (hint: our April marketing calendar can help you get started).

social media holidays - april marketing calendar

11. Feature a product demo video

If you want to grow your video marketing strategy in tandem with your email marketing, try featuring a video in your newsletter of product or service highlights. If you don’t have the marketing budget to produce a professional demo video, that’s okay! Start with a quick video shot on your phone talking through need-to-know product features for April. That way, you can connect with your newsletter audience both authentically and effectively this month.

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April newsletter ideas based on holidays and observances

Looking for more email newsletter ideas for April? Check these out:

12. Give stress management tips for Stress Awareness Month

Turn your April newsletter into a place where your recipients can find relaxation during Stress Awareness Month. You could hook in your audience with the secrets behind your best self-care or stress management tips.

april newsletter ideas - stress awareness email example


13. Do your part for National Diversity Month

April is National Diversity Month, and there are a few ways you could approach this diversity and inclusion observance in your newsletter.  First off, you could show your audience how your business supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in your day-to-day activities. Secondly, you could volunteer or give back to a related community organization and share a recap of your work in your newsletter.

14. Feature a recipe for National Brunch Month

Between bacon, eggs, mimosas, and more, who doesn’t love brunch? Win your readers’ hearts through their stomachs by enticing them with a can’t-miss brunch recipe. If you’re a family-owned business, try framing it as a family recipe to relate your newsletter content to your brand messaging.

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15. Add a dose of comedy to your April Fools’ Day newsletter

Your April newsletter can be full of fun if you decide to center it around April Fools’ Day. You could include jokes, funny images or memes, or even play an April Fools prank on your audience. For example, maybe you use a teasing subject line for one offer, but instead provide a better offer inside.

april newsletter ideas - aprils fools day email example


16. Share two truths and a lie on Tell a Lie Day

Newsletter emails are meant to help readers learn more about your business. For Tell a Lie Day on April 4, share two truths and lie to test your audience’s knowledge of your business. This April newsletter idea puts a creative spin on sharing interesting information about your brand.

17. Turn your newsletter in a gallery for National Pet Day

Another crowd-pleaser holiday this month that you could frame your April newsletter around is National Pet Day on April 11. Gather images of your team’s pets and share them in your newsletter to celebrate this animal-loving holiday. As a bonus, you could ask your readers to submit their own pet photos for a chance to be featured in your May newsletter next month.

april newsletter ideas - pet day contest email content example


18. Give your audience a virtual high-five on National High Five Day

April 18 is National High Five Day, so give your audience a virtual high-five for subscribing to your newsletter! With this April newsletter idea, you could incorporate a high-five emoji into your email subject line or text to make it more eye-catching.

19. Shout out your employees on Administrative Professionals Day

If your business runs off the power of an all-star administrative professional team, share that with your newsletter audience on Administrative Professionals Day—which is April 26. You could include photos or quotes from your administrative staff, and be sure to include a “thank you” message to them in your newsletter content for your readers to see how much you care about your employees.

20. Set the stage for Small Business Week

Small Business Week approaches at the end of the month starting on April 28. This is a can’t-miss newsletter opportunity for your business, as you could provide your readers with a preview of what Small Business Week promotions they can expect from your brand. Alternatively, try creating a Small Business Week checklist or “to do” list that gives your audience ideas on how to support small businesses during this timeframe.

april newsletter ideas - small business week newsletter example


21. Share a playlist for International Jazz Day

Connect with your audience in a unique way on International Jazz Day—falling on April 30. You could create a shareable jazz playlist on a public streaming platform like Pandora or Spotify, and include a screenshot and link to the list of songs in your newsletter. If you include your business name or logo in the playlist title and cover, you’ll be able to keep your brand at the top of listeners’ minds.

April newsletter subject line ideas to try

Ready to hit the ground running with these April newsletter ideas? Here are some April newsletter subject line ideas to help you get started:

  • Our Ultimate Small Business Week Checklist✅
  • Spring has sprung 💐 here are our latest updates
  • What’s new in Q2 for you
  • April employee of the month spotlight you won’t want to miss
  • 4 Ways Our Product Can Make Your April Awesome
  • Fresh spring air and fresh updates to match!
  • Spring cleaning uncovered these 6 tips
  • Happy Spring! Here’s What’s Up for April
  • Have you followed us on social media yet?
  • April Showers Are Raining Down These Updates☔

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Grow these April newsletter ideas into a blooming email strategy

Newsletter emails are just one important part of an overall effective email marketing strategy. However, when you start with these April newsletter ideas above, and keep your email communications consistent month over month, your email marketing results will grow in no time. If you try these April newsletter ideas, but feel ready to take your emails to the next level, see how our solutions can help you maximize your email marketing success!

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