Hi all,

First time I’ve ran into this – I’ve imported GA4 conversions (events set up via GTM with a value of 1) into ads. All works beautifully except in ads when a customer triggered my call event it assigned 0.22 as a conversion value. This is a brand new ads account and there are no other conversions yet…

Obviously sending this to the client in a report with 0.22 in the conversion column will raise questions.

As well obviously if someone makes a phone call from the website I’d like that to be 1 conversion.

I’m confused about what is going on and how I can get my phone call to count as 1 conversion. My instinct is that there must be some value of conversion being added somewhere else… but I only have the phone call click as the conversion.

Any help is appreciated, even just where I need to start looking to see what’s up and get things in line.

Thank you!!

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