We are Ubarri Marketing Pvt Ltd, a profit-making startup based in Noida, India. We are a proud partner of Jio and we have the right to promote coupons and scratch cards on the Jio Coupons Network(JCN) site Jio Engage. Your(The Brand) Offers and new product launch can be clubbed as Coupons & Scratch cards. Jio Engage has got 10s of Millions of traffic per month. So far we have distributed 100+ Mn coupons on our partner’s platforms in FY 2022 and JCN witnessed 23 Mn visits to the Offer Store since our inception on June, 21. The best part about this is at least 7 out of 10 people engaged on our platform after receiving coupons(some kind of offers from a Brand).

The best part about this is we accept the TG(age, location, and gender), to whom the Brand wishes to cater.

We are looking for Brand partners or aggregators, who are willing to partner with us for promotion on JCN. Also, we would like to mention that as of now there is no constraint on verticals.

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