When you go to Ad Account Settings, you may see a new design. Much of what was there before appears to be missing.

Ad Account Settings

A message at the top explains what happened:

“Some settings are now in Advertising Settings.”

On the right, you should see a button for Advertising Settings.

A Tour of Advertising Settings

All of the controls you previously used in Ad Account Settings to create ads have been moved here.

Advertising Settings

This section includes:

  • Industry
  • Account Controls
  • Default Beneficiary and Payer for the EU
  • Advantage+ Shopping Campaign settings like defining customers
  • Name Templates

Anything New?

There isn’t any new functionality at this point, but it certainly looks different. It’s a little annoying that this change was made because now it requires an extra click to access these settings.

That said, Meta has added a lot of info to Ad Account Settings during the past year, so splitting that section into two may have been necessary eventually.

It may also mean that Meta needs to make room and we’ll see even more controls in Advertising Settings soon.

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