The sales from my ad words was very good in the months of December and January, with an average of 10 sales per day, sometimes as high as 15 per day. This was definitely due to ad words. I was actually planning in going on a vacation due to the great sales, but after md January, the sales became very inconsistent.

One day I would get a moderate 5 sales, then 4, then 6, then 3, sometimes none on the weekend.

I noticed one thing that always happens: When I make a change to the bidding strategy, it goes into learning mode. I do not have an explanation for what I am about to say, but the sales skyrocket for the next 2 days and then become again, inconsistent with low sales.

For example, the sales were as follows:

Feb 14: 11 sales after bid strategy change

Feb 15: 5 sales

Feb 18: 7 sales (ok median sales per day)

Feb 17: 4 sales

Feb 18: Zero sales

Feb 19: 2 sales

Feb 20: 6 sales (after our meeting at 3pm)

Feb 21: 10 sales

Feb 22: 15 sales

Feb 23: 2 sales

Feb 24: 4 sales

Feb 25: 4 sales

Can you help me figure out why this is happening?

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