Yes I admit its a good tool, but for the price? No way!

I was paying $199 a month for the standard plan which is already a lot. Then I get a bill to say I had exceeded my 100 reports for the month and it was another $100. What the hell? So even when you pay $199 a month you still don’t get unlimited use? at that price? wow. They don’t even make it clear when you sign up that this would be the case.

I asked to cancel with a pro-rata refund, 1 day after my payment for the next month. I get a refund of only $126 out of $199 because apparently I had alredy used 30 additional reports? Weird considering I barely even used it in one day.

IMO ahrefs are a total rip off and thieves. Not going to ever use their service again.

Anyone else agree? what alternative do you use?

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