Meta announced some AI-powered ads updates, and here are the quick highlights…

Advantage+ Creative for Reels

Advantage+ Creative will automatically optimize video ads in Reels with a 9:16 aspect ratio. This will hopefully give a boost to videos in Meta’s most-viewed format.

Catalog Ads

When using Advantage+ Catalog Ads, you can now import videos instead of just static images. You’ll also be able to upload a “hero” image in the center of the catalog ad.

Advantage+ Catalog Ads

This spring, Meta will introduce Advantage+ Catalog ads with omnichannel brand and product level reporting to help show advertising impact across both online and brick and mortar. One of the biggest challenges for advertisers is proving impact — especially when customers go offline.

Reminder Ads

Reminder Ads, which were first announced late last year, will allow you to include a link now. This gives Reminder Ads, which are on Instagram only, far more utility. Instead of serving only to remind someone of an event, you can now direct them to your website.

Reminder Ads

Promo Codes

Soon you’ll be able to highlight your promotions with promo codes. Meta says they’ve seen a 10% increase in conversions when using this feature, which isn’t surprising.

Product Tags

Meta is also bringing ads with product tags to Facebook feed, which was previously Instagram only. In April, product tags will be made available to all businesses, even if you don’t have a Shop.

Product Tags

There were also some other updates related to Collaborative Ads, but these are the highlights.

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