Right now we’re using AI to detect AI-generated content, AI to generate content that will avoid AI-detectors and AI to review the work of AI researchers. At the same time, OpenAI’s chatbot store is filling up with spam created by … you guessed it … AI. I am not saying we’ve reached peak AI recursiveness, but I am not not saying it, either. I guarantee that sentence will get past all AI-content detectors because AI can’t do silly.

Now, this week’s AI-powered martech product releases and enhancements.

  • Hightouch’s Campaign Intelligence is an AI-driven platform that lets marketers find trends in customer behavior and campaign performance directly from their data warehouse. It allows for experimentation with multivariate and incrementality tests across various marketing channels, and exploration through the creation of custom metrics and user funnels. The platform also features Fivetran-powered data ingestion for comprehensive campaign analysis and a chat-based AI copilot for interactive, data-driven decision-making.
  • CommentBuddy.ai’s Chrome Extension generates contextually relevant comments across multiple platforms. It reads post text and author information, providing intelligent, customizable comment suggestions. There is also a persona manager for handling multiple personas and a variety of AI models for diverse comment generation. Users can customize prompts and instructions to tailor their responses before posting.
  • Monetate updated its Personalized Search with advanced NLP capabilities to understand search queries better and deliver more accurate results. The update includes integrated personalization and optimization features, allowing for a customized search experience for each customer. Merchandising features can manage product visibility in search results, and segmentation and targeting options can define unique search experiences for different customer segments.
  • Persado’s Essential Motivation platform has content copilot tools to help messages align with a brand’s voice. It scores message variants to reflect brand voice compliance and connects to external data sources to refine content generation models. This allows the creation of product descriptions and copy optimized for engagement and brand consistency. It can also generate tailored campaign content for various audience segments throughout the customer journey.
  • Optimove’s OptiGenie has added expanded Generative AI Insights, Self-Optimizing Streams, and OptiLive (enabling real-time, personalized messaging). Other new features include WhatsApp Integration and Self-Service Data Ingestion.
  • Freepik’s Freepik Reimagine is an AI image-to-image solution that lets users upload a picture and instantly receive a unique and exclusive prompt. With this prompt, users can easily interact with the image and make changes. 

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