In this Episode

In this episode of the “All About Apps” podcast, we dive deep into the world of mobile user acquisition (UA) with a focus on a critical issue – ad fraud. Joined by Deniz Kekeç (Innogames), Cansu Ağaoğlu (Adjust), Faheem Saiyad (AppSamurai), and our gracious host Peggy Anne Salz. 

With this amazing panel of industy experts in mobile ad fraud prevention and data analytics, we explore how leveraging data can effectively combat fraudulent activities in mobile UA campaigns.

In this episode, you’ll  learn about,

  • Metrics to watch for fraud detection
  • Using UA data to identify fraud patterns
  • Ad fraud types & combat methods
  • Battling fraud in rewarded systems

Key Things to Pay Attention To

1:08 Get to Know the Panel

4:27 Traditional UA vs. Measured Approach to UA

6:35 Noticing the Signs of Ad Fraud

7:58 Key Metrics to Watch Out

11:13 Real vs. Fake Users

13:20 Different Types of Fraud

18:20 Ad Fraud in Rewarded Systems

24:29 Teamwork to Combat Fraud

26:23 The Role of AI 

29:40 Importance of Industry Collaboration

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