We’re delighted to announce that we’ve secured seed funding of $3.5 million in a round led by Venture Highway, with participation from Neon, DeVC, and notable angel investors.

Highperformr is modern social media software powered by Gen AI. It helps businesses boost their social media ROI. Highperformr amplifies online presence, fuels lead generation, and accelerates pipeline growth for B2B businesses.

Here’s how:

  • Social publishing at scale: Publish consistently across multiple social handles. Generate personalized content ideas. Create posts from content sources, topics.
  • Team collaboration: Execute social campaigns on one screen. Add unlimited users to the workspace. Collaborate on drafts and approvals.
  • Social AI and automation: Personalize and configure AI settings. Improve drafts with Social AI. Automate posting to save time.
  • Employee advocacy: Collectively amplify brand voice. Increase organic reach with zero ad spends. Repurpose brand content for different users.
  • Social selling: Build an organic pipeline on social media. Identify audiences that fit your ICP. Engage in meaningful conversations with prospects.
  • In-depth analytics and AI insight: Identify what’s working and why. Insight to refine content strategy & derive high ROI. Get granular data for all accounts.

With Highperformr, companies can streamline social media management, use AI for content optimization, get actionable insights for growth, empower employees to amplify the brand’s voice on social media, ensure consistent, scalable social media presence, and maximize ROI from their social media efforts.

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