I speak to a lot of authors about promoting their books. It
always saddens me to see good potential go down the toilet because authors fail
to market properly and are unwilling to outsource some of it. I weep inwardly
for their book’s unrealized potential.

Many authors think they know what to do, but many
don’t know how to get past barriers or overcome a particular skill deficiency.
And in truth, they don’t fully know what to do, when, or how to do them.

I have helped thousands of authors. If you know
what to do, and have not done it, I can help. If you don’t know what to do — or
how to do it — I can help. The answer is always leading back to me. Why?

I believe in what I do and have done for thousands
of authors. I also understand the nature of the every author. They fear, act
out of insecurity, procrastinate, make excuses, make the wrong choices,
misunderstand things, know something but not everything, fail to plan or
schedule for marketing, or are simply are blinded by their ego.

Folks, books don’t discover themselves. If you
don’t plan to be pro-active about your book, save yourself the time and
headache and don’t do it. You are only setting yourself up for failure and

Trust me — this isn’t a hard sell for business. It
is a genuine plea for you to let me help you. I see too many good books go
nowhere because authors fail to support them with the proper marketing
strategy, effort, and execution.

Every book deserves a shot at life but if you
abort your marketing obligation, it is dead on arrival. I can give an author
the nurturing guidance, strategies, resources, information, ideas, advice, and
confidence to get their book marketing mojo going in the right direction. All
you have to do is have a coming-to-book-marketing moment.

Are you ready to have me kick your butt?

PR Help?

Brian Feinblum,
the founder of this award-winning blog, with 3.6 million page views, can be
reached at 
[email protected]  He is available to help authors promote
their story, sell their book, and grow their brand. He has over 30 years of
experience in successfully helping thousands of authors in all genres. Let him
be your advocate, teacher, and motivator!


Brian Feinblum

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(Westchester) and The Washington Post. His first published book was The
Florida homeowner, Condo, & Co-Op Association Handbook
It was featured in The Sun Sentinel and
Miami Herald.