So you’ve planned and launched a social media campaign, and waited patiently for the likes, comments, and conversions to roll in. Now you’re looking at your performance report, wondering what the numbers actually mean. Is a 2% engagement rate high or low? Did your target audience love your campaign, or was it a flop?

Without social media benchmarks (a.k.a. average performance stats for a social platform or industry), it’s difficult to make sense of raw data. But we got you. In this post, we’ve rounded up average social media engagement rates from 13 top industries to give you a better understanding of where you stand. (And empower you to brag to your boss with data-informed confidence — you’re welcome.)

We’ve even included a simple (and free!) engagement rate calculator you can use to quickly double-check your own performance stats.

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Average engagement rates (October 2023)

Below, you’ll find the latest average engagement rates (per post), broken down by industry and social network.

Where did this data come from? Our team collects and anonymously compiles data from social accounts connected to Hootsuite. Each benchmark is based on at least 100 social accounts, and no data can be traced back to any individual account.

For more benchmarks (including impressions, audience growth rate, posting frequency, and much more) and insights that will help you improve your marketing strategy, start a free 30-day Hootsuite trial and browse stats from your industry — and hand-picked competitors — in Hootsuite Analytics

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  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.72%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.82%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.94%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.06%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.60%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Agencies


  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 3.44%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.73%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.07%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.69%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.62%


Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Education

Entertainment and media

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.61%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.08%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.38%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.19%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 2.48%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Entertainment and media

Financial services

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.93%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.02%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.58%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.85%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Financial services

Food and beverage

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.49%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.71%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.76%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.06%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.75%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Food and beverage


  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 2.11%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.62%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.28%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 2.08%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.68%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Government

Healthcare and wellness

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 2.12%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.36%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.96%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.49%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.61%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Healthcare and wellness


  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 2.92%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.69%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.20%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 2.05%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.63%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Nonprofit

Real estate

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.53%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.80%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.56%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.31%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Real estate


  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 2.04%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.90%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.87%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.21%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.97%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Retail

Professional services and consulting

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.64%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 1.03%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 0.89%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.43%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.36%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Professional services and consulting


  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.48%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.96%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.26%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.53%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 1.20%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Technology

Travel, hospitality, and leisure

  • Average Instagram engagement rate: 1.55%
  • Average Facebook engagement rate: 0.97%
  • Average X (Twitter) engagement rate: 1.20%
  • Average LinkedIn engagement rate: 1.39%
  • Average TikTok engagement rate: 0.94%

Average social media engagement rates October 2023: Travel, hospitality, leisure

Average engagement rates: October insights

1. Educational institutions get great engagement across the board

The education industry has the highest average engagement rates across most social media platforms, with Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook all showing above-average scores. This trend suggests that social media users find educational content highly engaging — and that social media managers in this industry know how to appeal to their audiences.

2. TikTok engagement is pretty low on brand accounts

… which doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using it. Instead, consider working with influencers and content creators to promote your business on the platform. User-generated content (UGC) can help you reach relevant audiences in more authentic, organic — and, most importantly, engaging — ways.

3. Technology is big on X (formerly Twitter)

The technology industry does particularly well on X, with an average engagement rate of 1.26%. This likely has to do with the fact that historically, Twitter has always been used for sharing news and updates in the tech sector.

4. Regulated industries do well on LinkedIn (and Instagram!)

Like all businesses, regulated industries (including finance, healthcare, and education) perform well on the platforms that appeal to their audiences. LinkedIn, with its professional focus, is a strong performer for all three industries — but Instagram is very effective for education and healthcare due to the often visual nature of their content.

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