Benefits of Using AI Novel Writing Software

AI, short for artificial intelligence, has become a major topic among novel writers recently. While there are fair criticisms of AI in fiction writing, there are many valuable tools within AI that writers should seriously consider employing.

We’ll discuss the benefits of using AI to write a novel.


Efficiency In Novel Writing

Efficiency In Novel Writing

Efficiency is a huge part of how AI novel writer software helps authors. While AI has a range of speeds depending on the prompt, AI digs into research and can pull up useful info often in a matter of seconds, with some prompts taking a minute or so to produce extensive results.

Think about the many steps it takes to write a novel. Between deciding on an idea, building a world, finding just the right words to say, and finally editing, you can spend a lot of time doing some things AI novel writing software can do.

If you intend to write volumes of work, AI can be huge in increasing your productivity, keeping in mind that you’ll want to thoroughly examine what AI provides.

AI Is Your Creative Assistant

Coming up with an idea is difficult for many writers. You can spend hours, days, months and even years trying to produce a creative idea. You can use AI prompts to explore the possibilities within your genre, then dig in and explore scenarios. 

AI software is known for producing decent short stories and dialogue. While most writers will prefer not to simply copy and paste an AI written idea or words, they can provide an excellent platform to start with. 

You can also be as detailed as you like when issuing a prompt. Use a little imagination, and AI can help fill in some gaps!

A Choice Of Words

For readers, different words convey unique emotions, and small differences can help make your novel more engaging. While authors generally have access to a free thesaurus, AI can help by giving you many similar words. You could also ask AI to use new words in a sentence so you get a better idea of context.

You can also use AI to change your style a little. Simply providing a passage of your writing and asking AI to change wording, dialects, or moods can produce unique ideas and descriptions that you might not have thought about. AI can truly help you become a more detailed, nuanced, and thoughtful writer.

Asking For Feedback

Asking For Feedback In Novel Writing

Writers often struggle to find good, objective feedback for their writing. AI can readily produce feedback for your writing without using bias, as the software doesn’t have preferences for anything. You could even ask if your words are similar to anyone else’s. While AI doesn’t quite know the market for selling books, asking for information about how your book relates to your target audience can help you learn more about your targets,

AI feedback can be used alongside asking other authors and readers to take the time to read your book and provide human feedback. We strongly suggest you have trusted friends and readers to balance out feedback with AI. AI is not capable of understanding the emotions of a story but does many other things well.

AI Catches Errors

When you are really on a roll and don’t want to slow down for grammar, syntax, or spelling issues, you can use AI at any point later to gather problems. While you are likely going to read through everything anyway, using AI can help you hunt down issues instead of fixing them on the spot. AI can provide that kind of momentum. Forget a comma? Doesn’t matter, you can catch it later.

AI Is A Great Research Tool

AI can help you decide what is possible within your novel without having to head to a search engine and sort through multiple websites. There will be many elements to your story from people to locations and history that make research rather important. Finding the right information gives the opportunity to explore the small details that can make your novel’s world much more realistic and interesting.

Let’s also face the fact that your novel may require you to learn about something totally new to you in an effort to make it more marketable and interesting. Sounding believable will keep the reader engaged! Introducing unique details like what watch a character would be wearing and what is playing on the radio during a certain time period is a great way to add depth.


AI novel writing software can be immensely helpful during the creative process. Between helping to generate ideas and being an efficient writing partner, you can save time and energy by letting AI do some work. We certainly recommend trying AI by learning to use prompts and seeing how AI’s capabilities fit within your strengths and weaknesses. 

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