I have been exploring options, Meta’s prices are not expensive to me, but the problem is when you discover that most companies charge per message or raise prices

  1. Kommo (Charge for each message sent + Conversation cost)
  2. BotSpace (Does not charge per message sent, but increases almost 10x the cost of Meta per conversation)
  3. Wati (It has no added costs, but the interface is very bad and it does not have good automation)
  4. Gupshup.io (It seems the best, it does not have a subscription, they do raise the price per Meta conversation, but it is not that exaggerated, the problem is their support, I have been waiting for a demo for 15 days, and I have not been able to configure a number)

Anyone with a good option to have Live Chat + a good message automation bot?

Kommo is perfect, because you can even link other networks and I love the automation, but the price per message is unsustainable

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