Best CRM for Nonprofits: Balancing Data and Donors

Do you want to get more data, work more efficiently and get more donors for your nonprofit? Check out how a great CRM can help.

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What is a Nonprofit CRM Software? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is software that helps nonprofit organizations track and organize data related to their constituents. 

It can be cloud-based CRM software which works great for small-scale organizations, and it can be accessed from anywhere. It’s a great option when you need it on the go, such as during meetings with your donors or out of office events.

The Onsite CRM software is installed on your devices. It works better for large-scale organizations which can afford to pay for the installation and maintenance. This kind of CRM is more secure and can protect your information better than cloud-based CRM.

A nonprofit CRM is also called as:

  • Donor Database
  • Donor Management Software
  • Fundraising Software

Why do Nonprofits Use CRM?  

The major reason you need a CRM for your nonprofit is to increase engagement and balance out data and donors. Here are a few more reasons why you need to have CRM for your nonprofit and how it can help you in achieving the goals of your organization.

1. In-Depth Donor Profiles 

CRM software helps nonprofits to create in-depth donor profiles. This covers collecting all possible information and organizing it in a way that is understandable to you. From name to address to their association with your organization and past donations, CRM takes care of each and everything.

The more information you have, the better will you be able to communicate and engage with your existing and potential donors.

2. Data Reporting 

Do you really need to make reports of your progress? Of course, you do. This helps your nonprofit organization in evaluating and analyzing what you have been doing, how efficient your strategies have been and how likely you are to move ahead in terms of fundraising.

 It also helps to track the performance of individual employees, giving you a clear picture of what to do next.

3. Lists Segmentation 

To be better able to communicate with your donors, you need to make segments amongst your donor lists. All of them are not the same; all of them are not donating for the same cause or with the same frequency. To be able to fundraise better, it is a smart idea to deal with each of them separately, in a way that each of them prefers.

4. Increase Donations 

Nonprofits need to perfect their timing, not just to contact the donors but to schedule and execute their meetings, tasks, and follow-ups. CRM allows you to plan this out so that you can win massive donations.

5. Managing Volunteers 

Looking into the depths and understanding the complexity of how a nonprofit works, we conclude that it is not donations that keep you going but the workforce that volunteers bring.

CRM allows you to keep track of your volunteers, manage and evaluate their progress that attracts donors.

6. Email Automation

One of the most basic features that almost all CRM software have is email automation. It is an essential one so that you don’t have to manually type out and send emails to your entire list.

Ways Through Which Managing Donors Can Increase Fundraising 

With the fast-paced technology revolutionizing the world, there is an extraordinary solution built for anything and everything. When it comes to Nonprofits, a CRM can help increase the efficiency of the fundraising process and help you manage data better.

Listed below are a few ways in which CRM can help nonprofits in balancing data and donors.

1. Improved Work Management 

Working hard and smart may not be enough if you are not able to deliver 100% efficiency. 

The most crucial aspect of your work is managing data from your donors. Each individual comes with so much useful information, more than what you can memorize and bring into action. With the help of CRM, you will be able to access all of it anytime you need, reach out to each donor in a way that would compel them to donate more, and keep track of progress for each donor.

CRM, with the use of all the stored information, will aid in creating customized campaigns and keep track of when anyone donates.

Since events are also a great attraction to scale up fundraising, managing work, and additional events simultaneously can be challenging. Rethink this idea when you have a CRM that will do half of the work for you. From registrations to making lists and itineraries, it has got you covered.

2. Better Communication with Donors 

Most CRM software that is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations to balance data and donors let you:

  • Automate emails
  • Schedule and respond to messages
  • Create content for emails and promotional letters
  • Writes and sends down acknowledgment letters
  • Processes pledges
  • Evaluates donor profiles

This will help your nonprofit in retaining your previous donors and attracting more to your list.

3. Data at Your Fingertips

You would know how challenging it is to create fundraising strategies. From organizing the vent to making itineraries, from creating contact lists, writing down draft emails and letters to approaching donors, everything is tricky.

To launch a successful event, you will require loads of information sorted out in front of your eyes, such as donor histories and reports on their involvement and trends and mailing list and contact numbers.

CRM helps you get hold of that also track the progress of your marketing and the event. It helps you assign tasks to your workers and jots down to report all the positive leads and interactions happening simultaneously.


A CRM will help you to centralize data, boost your social media outreach, help you segment your lists appropriately, run reports, plan events more efficiently and keep all of your team and donors in the loop.

It isn’t just us who believe that the real estate CRM is the “best real estate CRM for realtors and state agents. Feedback from our valued customers sheds light on the fact that it works amazing for nonprofit organizations. 

Author Bio:

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for The Real Estate CRM

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