Best OCR Tools To Extract Text From Image in 2024

Find out which OCR software is best for quickly extracting text from photos. Increase accuracy and efficiency with these dependable software solutions.

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It would be no mistake to say that digital technology has prevailed everywhere. And coming to the point of discussion now, digital documents are now a preferred choice for almost every other business because they are very cheap to keep on your digital devices. 

So it is true that you may convert your images into enhanced files using a lot of software. But what about the images that contain a lot of text in them? This is where you need to extract text from image files without losing originality. This can easily be done via an OCR technology that helps convert image to text without losing its actual format. It recognizes alphabets and drags them to arrange them in the proper format so as to be studied without trouble.

Willing to convert image to text? You are in dire need of using the following best OCR image to text converters.


What are OCR Tools?

What are OCR Tools and why use them

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools are software applications or services that convert scanned or image-based documents into editable and searchable text. These tools use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze the images, recognize the characters, and convert them into machine-readable text.

Here are some key features and functionalities of OCR tools:

  1. Text Extraction: OCR tools can accurately extract text from images, whether they are scanned documents, photographs, or screenshots.
  2. Document Conversion: OCR tools can convert scanned PDFs, images, and other image-based files into editable formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or plain text files.
  3. Image Correction: Some OCR tools include image enhancement features to improve the quality of scanned images, ensuring better text recognition results.
  4. Language Support: OCR tools can recognize characters in multiple languages, making them versatile for international users.
  5. Searchable Text: By converting images into searchable text, OCR tools enable users to search for specific words or phrases within documents, saving time and effort in locating information.
  6. Editing Capabilities: Once the text is extracted, OCR tools allow users to edit and modify the recognized text, making corrections or adding additional content as needed.
  7. Batch Processing: Many OCR tools offer batch processing, allowing users to process multiple documents or images in a single operation, which is beneficial for large-scale document digitization.
  8. Integration: OCR tools can be integrated into other applications or workflows, such as document management systems, content management systems, and archiving solutions.

OCR tools find applications in various industries and use cases, including:

  • Digitizing paper documents and archives.
  • Converting physical books into digital formats for e-books.
  • Extracting data from invoices, receipts, and forms for automated processing.
  • Enabling accessibility for visually impaired individuals by converting scanned text into speech.
  • Assisting with language translation and multilingual content analysis.

Overall, OCR tools play a crucial role in modern information management by enabling the efficient digitization, searchability, and manipulation of text from image-based documents.

Top OCR Tools

JPG to Text  Converter

The JPG to Text Converter is a perfect OCR backed website. It can easily extract text from JPG, JPEG, or PNG images within no time. If you have to translate the extracted text into any other language, this website is the best platform for you. The website is available in 20 different languages for easy understanding by people who do not know English. This website is best for extracting mathematical equations and official documents. It also preserves the format of the extracted text according to the image. Moreover, this converter is completely free and there is no need for a login or subscription.

This boss-like converter is on the go to extract text from images within a second. Do you have your image files that contain text in other languages? No worries! Just drag and drop it in the converter and its algorithms will certainly scan each and every word to drag it and arrange it in a proper text file. 

Whether you like text in any screenshot, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, the tool is totally free and offers swift conversions to editable text files.


We definitely endorse Sejda for anyone who wishes to swiftly extract text from images. It is a free OCR tool that includes a desktop client for Windows, macOS, and Linux in addition to being accessible through the browser. Since it is free, we advise you to visit its website. 

Start using this advanced converter that implies OCR features on your infographics and extract important textual data in them to a separate accessible file.

The converter has offered multiple image to text conversions at a single time. It means you are allowed to upload batch files and get text in the very next second. Now it is up to you how you save it. But the best options to save text is also available in the tool.

Photo Scan:

This is a free Windows based optical character recognition application. If you want to extract text from images or convert it to QR codes, this app is what you are seeking. 

Photo Scan doesn’t function with PDF files, in contrast to a few other utilities like images most of the time. In a window next to it, the identified text is shown.

Soda PDF Anywhere:

This OCR-based tool is the best choice for those who deal with official documents on a daily basis. One of the interesting features of this online converter is that it is available online and you do not need to download or install it. 

It makes it possible for you to see this image to text converter to convert images to text anywhere. Location or device does not matter. You just require an active internet connection to extract text from images using this application. offers a powerful data extraction solution with pre-configured models for shopping receipts, identity cards, and official licenses. With a simple click, users can effortlessly extract data. The API-based integration provides JSON results, making it user-friendly for both businesses and developers to integrate seamlessly. 

FormX’s web portal offers an intuitive and low or no-code platform, allowing users to manage parsing configurations, test data extractions, and access integration materials. Moreover, it supports mobile phone scanning, optimizing document photos for enhanced extraction accuracy. In the list of features of Formx there are such tools as passport ocr, receipt ocr, invoice ocr and many others

Free OCR:

This converter is only available for Windows and is totally free to use. It uses Tesseract OCR, which Google presently manages and which was previously created at HP laboratories. 

FreeOCR is a piece of Windows software that uses optical character recognition to extract information from photos and scanned documents and display it as plain text. The extracted text may be copied to Microsoft Word or any other platform of your choosing.


What Are OCR Tools?

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tools are software applications designed to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files, or images, into editable and searchable data.

How Do OCR Tools Work?

OCR tools work by scanning and analyzing the structure of a document’s text and then converting it into a digital format. They recognize characters and words, which can then be edited or searched.

What Are Common Uses of OCR Tools?

Common uses include digitizing printed documents, automating data entry, converting hardcopy files into editable formats, extracting text from images, and making PDFs searchable.

Can OCR Tools Recognize Handwritten Text?

Advanced OCR tools can recognize certain types of handwritten text, although their accuracy may vary depending on the legibility and complexity of the handwriting.

What File Formats Can OCR Tools Process?

OCR tools typically process formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP for images, and PDFs for documents. Some tools also support other formats like DOCX or TXT.

How Accurate Are OCR Tools?

The accuracy of OCR tools depends on the quality of the input document, the complexity of the layout, and the technology used. Modern OCR tools can achieve high accuracy, especially with clear, well-formatted text.

Are There Free OCR Tools Available?

Yes, there are free OCR tools available online that offer basic OCR functionalities. However, they may have limitations in terms of accuracy, file size, and the number of pages.

Can OCR Tools Process Multiple Languages?

Many OCR tools support multiple languages, including non-Latin scripts like Chinese, Arabic, and Cyrillic. The number of languages supported varies by tool.

What Are the Challenges of Using OCR Tools?

Challenges include varying accuracy levels, especially with poor quality scans or complex layouts, and the need for post-conversion editing to correct any recognition errors.

How Do OCR Tools Enhance Productivity in Businesses?

OCR tools enhance productivity by reducing manual data entry, enabling quick search and retrieval of information, and facilitating easy storage and management of digital documents.

Can OCR Tools Convert Scanned Documents into Editable Formats?

Yes, OCR tools can convert scanned documents into editable formats like Word or Excel, making it possible to edit, format, and manipulate the text just like any other digital document.

How Do OCR Tools Handle Complex Document Layouts?

Advanced OCR tools use layout analysis to handle complex document layouts. They can recognize columns, tables, and even some graphical elements to accurately replicate the format of the original document.

What Impact Do Image Quality and Clarity Have on OCR Accuracy?

Image quality and clarity significantly impact OCR accuracy. High-resolution, clear images with good contrast yield the best results. Poor quality images with blurs, smudges, or skewed text can reduce accuracy.

Are OCR Tools Secure for Sensitive Documents?

This depends on the tool being used. Many OCR tools offer secure processing for sensitive documents, but it’s crucial to choose tools with robust security measures, especially for business or confidential documents.

Can OCR Tools Be Integrated With Other Software?

Many OCR tools offer integration capabilities with other software systems, such as document management systems, cloud storage services, and business applications, enhancing workflow efficiency.

How Do OCR Tools Benefit Educational Institutions?

OCR tools benefit educational institutions by digitizing printed educational materials, making them accessible and editable, and facilitating easier sharing and collaboration among students and educators.

Can OCR Tools Recognize Text in Images?

Yes, OCR tools can recognize and extract text embedded in images, allowing users to convert textual content from formats like JPEG or PNG into searchable and editable text.

What Role Do OCR Tools Play in Digital Archiving?

In digital archiving, OCR tools play a crucial role by converting historical documents, books, and records into digital formats, preserving them and making them easily searchable and accessible.

How User-Friendly Are OCR Tools for Non-Technical Users?

Many modern OCR tools are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible and easy to use for non-technical users without requiring specialized knowledge.

Can OCR Tools Process Documents in Real-Time?

Some advanced OCR tools offer real-time processing capabilities, allowing for the immediate conversion of text as it is captured by a scanner or a digital camera, useful in dynamic working environments.

How Do OCR Tools Handle Different Fonts and Text Sizes?

Modern OCR tools are generally capable of recognizing a wide range of fonts and text sizes, though extremely stylized fonts or very small text can sometimes pose challenges.

Can OCR Tools Extract Data from Forms and Invoices?

Yes, many OCR tools are designed to extract data from structured documents like forms and invoices, identifying and categorizing specific data fields for easier processing.

What Is the Role of Machine Learning in Enhancing OCR Accuracy?

Machine learning algorithms can greatly enhance OCR accuracy by learning from corrections and improvements made over time, continuously refining the tool’s ability to recognize and process text.

Are There Mobile Applications with OCR Capabilities?

Yes, there are mobile applications available that offer OCR capabilities, allowing users to capture text using a smartphone camera and convert it into digital format on-the-go.

How Does OCR Technology Support Compliance and Record-Keeping?

OCR technology supports compliance and record-keeping by digitizing paper documents, making them easier to store, search, and retrieve, thus meeting various regulatory requirements for data management.

Can OCR Tools be Used to Digitize Books and Literary Works?

OCR tools are often used to digitize books and literary works, especially for creating digital libraries and archives, making these texts accessible and searchable online.

How Do OCR Tools Deal with Text in Multiple Columns or Non-Standard Layouts?

Advanced OCR tools use sophisticated algorithms to recognize and process text in multiple columns, non-standard layouts, or mixed media documents, though this can sometimes reduce accuracy.

What Considerations Should Be Made When Selecting an OCR Tool for Business Use?

When selecting an OCR tool for business use, consider the accuracy rate, language support, integration capabilities, scalability, ease of use, and the level of customer support provided.

How Does OCR Technology Assist People with Disabilities?

OCR technology assists people with disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments, by converting printed text into digital formats that can be used with screen readers or other assistive technologies.

What Future Developments Are Anticipated in OCR Technology?

Future developments in OCR technology may include further enhancements in accuracy, real-time processing capabilities, improved machine learning models, and greater integration with AI technologies for broader applications.

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