I am currently running 2 Google Search ads for a fashion brand:

  1. A brand campaign that focuses only on keywords including the different variations of the company’s brand name and some are “Brand + Product (category)”
  2. A search campaign that focuses on non-branded terms and product categories. Here, I negate the search terms that either include the brand of the company or are actual keywords in the above ad. This way I can prevent cannibalizing the other running ad

This industry is very dense with a lot of big players and even more small players. Some of our competitors are very close to our own brand identity and are therefore direct competitors.

Question 1: Should I include their brand names in my keywords, put them in the negative keyword list or just leave them as “none” in the search terms?

Question 2: Are the 2 campaigns I have running above in general a good idea? What other structure/type of ad would you recommend?

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