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Blog posts remain the most popular content format for marketers, with 9 out of 10 marketers using blogging to achieve content goals. (SEMrush, 2023).

Here are some reasons why I recommend business owners start blogging — or start taking their blog more seriously.

Blogging in 2024 is easier than ever

It’s so simple today, to publish your ideas to the world on a blog. Blogging software (I use WordPress) has matured. It’s intuitive and very easy to use.

I’m writing this post on my phone using WordPress’s Jetpack app.

Blogging in 2024 is bigger than ever

According to Hubspot, there are over 600 Million blogs out there. (Hubspot 2023).

That’s 1 in every 3 websites.

Your blog puts you in charge

Unlike social media sites, your blog gives you the freedom to publish as often as you want.

There’s no algorithm you need to follow. No content monster to feed. No shadow banning if you publish too little or too often. You’re in control.

Blogging is great for building your email list

Blogging is an exceptionally effective way to grow your newsletter list or email marketing list. Subscriber forms have developed in recent years. Add the forms to the most appropriate areas of your blog. Write the form’s copy correctly. And watch what happens.

In the last couple of years, my blog has become my main source of newsletter subscribers.

It costs nothing to get started

WordPress provides a free blog, so you can test the water before diving in. Plus, there’s no need for any expensive equipment. I regularly write posts on my phone. So if you already have a phone, tablet or laptop you’ve already got what you need to begin.

Blogging is media agnostic

You can publish any kind of content on your blog. Short-form video, long-form video, stream live events and share your photography. You can host live chats, publish audio recordings and written word posts — anything digital.

blogging in 2024

Your blog is the perfect home for your content

You can use your blog as the hub of all your online content or content marketing.

So, rather than create content for your social media accounts and leaving it there, you can also host it on your blog. This improves your blog and provides more content for people to engage with.

It also means none of your work is ever lost. And it’s on a platform that you own. In my experience there’s nothing even close to blogging, when it comes to housing your content.

Blogging and your social accounts, sitting in a tree, kiss…

Your blog amplifies your social media activity. And your social media activity will amplify your blog. It’s a 2-way street now. It’s no longer just you creating free content for a billion dollar social network. Your hard work is now building your own platform.

Plus, if your main social network becomes unpopular, you’ll still have a network of all those who followed you to your blog and subscribed to it, or subscribed to your newsletter list.


Perhaps most importantly of all, by removing all the barriers I’ve mentioned, blogging gives you the freedom to be yourself. The freedom to share your message, your way, as often as you want.

It’s also worth remembering that depending on the type of blog you build, the blog itself could become a highly desirable and highly valuable asset for investors.

Blogs are crushing it in 2024 was written by Jim Connolly and originally published on Jim’s Marketing Blog