Question about the Value-Based Bidding Funnel

Hello, I’ve got a question regarding the value-based bidding funnel. It’s for a SaaS business whose funnel is measured with following conversions: Sign-up – value 100$ – 100 conversions per month Marketing qualified lead – value 400$ – 60 conversion per month Sales qualified lead – value 800$ – 30 conversions per month Paying customer […]

Ads keep getting disapproved for “landing page not working”

***Issue Solved ** Hey guys, i recently bumped to an issue with one of my account ad copies. Ads that are pointed to the home page keep coming back disapproved due to “landing page not working” even after i appealed and even colon the ads and paused the old one. Landing page is live and […]

Change History Not Showing

Is anyone having issues with changes not showing in change history in their accounts? submitted by /u/Environmental_Can701 [link] [comments]

Changing agency, please help!

Hi everyone We have a website which has had ads run by an ‘agency’. Long story short, cloaks and daggers, no reports or outputs just charging us. We will be moving away from him, my question is, will it impact our domain if we switch AdWord accounts? Apologies if it’s a silly question. Just trying […]

The ads are live, what do I do now?

I’m running a search campaign for my uncle’s automotive business. His brick and mortar business is doing pretty good and he’s trying to expand into ecommerce. We only sell 1 product, and I’ve already created a landing page and set up a search campaign. I’m gonna do ECPC until we get some conversions. My question […]

Does Google increase the bid price if you’re feeding data back to them?

Hi all I’m wondering if you have a site which does not have all the Google integrations/extensions installed but you’re pushing ads in a way Google cannot see the ad performance, does it affect Google’s ability to manipulate the bid price? The reason I ask is that my rather odd ad agency (whose bullshit I’m […]

7 Competitive Analysis Templates to Improve Your Performance & Get Ahead

Every business needs KPIs to measure success and goals to strive for. But you shouldn’t be comparing your performance to just…well…your own past performance. In order to grow, you need to be aware of where your company stands in relation to others in your market. Enter: the competitive analysis. In this post, I’m going to […]

Google AdWords suspension

Hi, if your Google ads suspended for any reason . Connect with me, I can solve the issue. submitted by /u/DueCantaloupe7918 [link] [comments]

Device Targeting in Adwords

Hi All, I have Search Campaigns that I want to show 100% on Desktop. Did Google remove this option? submitted by /u/bthompson2023 [link] [comments]

Help on Overdelivery

I’m just wondering if the credit I get for overdelivery disappears if I raise the budget after overdelivery. So for example I had a $30 total budget campaign. It overdelivered to $200. I got $170 credit. If I raise my total budget to $200, do I lose that $170 credit? If I raise my total […]