Low-Code Opens Up New Opportunities For Marketers To Elevate And Control Martech

Low-code application development is revolutionizing how enterprises develop technology. Any tech ecosystem in which multiple applications, data sources, and processes intersect is ripe for low-code innovation. Martech is notoriously complex and dynamic, so it’s no surprise that low-code is finding its way into the marketing department. Marketing adoption of low-code appdev is still nascent, but the […]

A Potential EU Ban On “Climate-Neutral” Terms And Labels Will Force CMOs To Revisit Their Communication

The European Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on new rules to ban misleading advertisements and provide consumers with better product information. Generic Environmental Claims Will Be Banned Specifically, terms such as “environmentally friendly,” “natural,” “biodegradable,” “climate-neutral,” or “eco-” will be banned without proof of recognized excellent environmental performance relevant to the claim. […]

The Consumer Does Not Need To Be Part Of Every Business Decision

As Forrester’s consumer behavior analyst, I’m going to say something controversial: The consumer does not need to be a part of every business decision. There’s no shortage of supply or demand for consumer insights. In fact, the pandemic supercharged market research capabilities to create more efficient and cost-effective platforms and tools to gather those insights. […]

High Levels Of Trust Elude US Financial Services Firms Again

US financial services brands are struggling to earn high levels of customer trust. Forrester’s Financial Services Customer Trust Index (FS Trust Index) revealed that customer trust in US financial services firms in 2023 was relatively weak and largely unchanged from 2022. Only US banks managed a measurable improvement in average trust scores, and even that […]

“TikTok Shop” Launch Makes US Social Commerce Plausible

ByteDance officially launched its social commerce experience, “TikTok Shop,” in the US. It includes features such as a dedicated shop tab for searching products or browsing product categories, the ability for creators to tag products for purchase, an affiliate funnel for sellers, secure checkout, and brand product portfolios. So far, over 100,000 creators signed up […]

Consumer Spending Trends — 2023 Edition

Has The Economy Got You Down? It’s 1840. Inflation is rampant, and beleaguered consumers are reeling from high prices. It’s also presidential election season, and economic woes are weighing down the campaign of incumbent President Martin Van Buren, who eventually loses to William Henry Harrison (who, for all you trivia fans, had the shortest presidential […]

Marketing – Swipe Right On Your Relationship With Security And Risk

The current relationship status between marketing and security and risk (S&R) pros is best described as “it’s complicated.” This may seem cheeky and slightly exaggerated, until you learn that a whopping 78% of B2C marketing leaders say that they don’t know anyone on their security, risk, and compliance team. Apart from a martech vendor assessment […]

Invest In Demand-Side Platforms To Lift Productivity And Performance

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are defined and confined by the acronym’s connotations. In 2007, when DSPs emerged, they coincided with the growth of real-time bidding, a practice since revealed to be rife with data leakage and brand safety concerns. At the time, DSPs met advertisers’ needs by connecting them to exchanges where publishers’ (mostly) desktop display […]

The Latest And Greatest Marketing Measurement Service Providers

The marketing analytics category — which spans software services that help measure marketing and media efficacy — has grown significantly in the past three years. According to Forrester’s data, adoption of unified measurement methods has increased by 13% since 2021; marketing mix modeling is one of the top five technologies a marketer plans to use […]

AI Advertising Is An Economic Multiplier, Provided You Own It

Marketers: Reconsider your cost-saving ambitions for AI advertising content development. A US District Judge affirmed the US Copyright Offices’ long-standing position of “human authorship,” ruling that AI-created art cannot be copyrighted. Judge Beryl Howell writes that US copyright law does not “protect works generated by new forms of technology operating absent any guiding human hand.” […]