CocaCola’s Executive Luncheon

A few years back, I had the honor of being the keynote speaker at The Coca-Cola Company- executive luncheon. It was about unveiling a fun-fizzed campaign we brewed for 7-Eleven, shining the spotlight on the iconic Slurpee. Amidst a crowded frozen drink scene, Slurpee stood out as a sip of spontaneous fun. Our campaign idea? […]

Oakley x Fortnite Launch Gaming-Inspired Eyewear

Fortnite has partnered with Oakley to introduce a unique line of limited-edition physical glasses. Primarily, it is to merge virtual gaming graphics with tangible fashion eyewear. In addition, this exclusive collaboration unveils two distinct designs. Following this, both crafts are adorned with the iconic Fortnite Battle Royale Victory Crown etched onto the lens. Oakley’s Heluz […]

Quality Assurance for my products

Hello everyone, What do you guys do for checking the quality of your products manufactured in China ? Do you usually work with a third party company providing quality services, or just jump on a plane, visit your suppliers and verify by yourselves ? submitted by /u/Possible-Ease-1641 [link] [comments]

Self-Employed Retirement Plans: Find the Best One for You

Self-Employed Retirement Plans: Find the Best One for You Many small business owners need every dollar to keep their companies running; never mind those unexpected extras that always hit the moment we have a few extra bucks. The result is we focus on the present rather than the future. But here’s the thing: the future […]

How to Write a Business Plan in 10 Easy Steps

How to Write a Professional Business Plan in 10 Easy Steps Home During financial uncertainty, many of us press pause on our entrepreneurial aspirations. Wondering if now’s the right time to start our business. Doubting our ideas and worrying about the what-ifs and maybes!  A business plan removes the uncertainty and what-ifs from the equation. […]

How to Start a Thriving Jewelry Business in 9 Steps

How to Start a Thriving Jewelry Business in 9 Steps Home It’s no secret that business owners wear many hats, from marketing to bookkeeping. No matter what type of business you plan to start, opening a new business is a journey with many small steps. And when you’re selling jewelry, whether online or from your […]

How to Dissolve an LLC

How to Dissolve an LLC Home Learning how to dissolve an LLC correctly is essential for entrepreneurs wishing to close their businesses. But it’s also helpful for aspiring LLC owners needing a contingency plan or those who intend to close their business after a specific time.  Either way, dissolving your LLC takes specific steps; you’ll […]

Small Business Grants: Where and How to Find Them

Small Business Grants: Where and How to Find Them Home Small business grants offer free money to help you when starting a business. There are many types available, such as small business grants for women, minority groups, veterans, start-ups, and existing businesses. They are further broken down by local, state, and federal levels, each with […]

79+ Automobile Parts Packaging Design Ideas for Automotive Industry

Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by DesignerPeople When you design packaging for your products, do you aim for flawless packaging? If you don’t, then it’s high time you should. Especially if you belong to the Indian automotive industry, let’s decode some of the variables you should consider before starting your automotive packaging design and […]