Google Doc Calendar Templates: Your Key to Staying Organized and Productive

Managing a hectic professional schedule often entails grappling with the challenge of maintaining a clear and well-organized calendar. Determining the days with the most flexibility and discerning already occupied time slots can be a complex task. If you’ve ever faced this common challenge, the answer might be a Google Doc Calendar Template. This blog dives […]

CRM with automatic call logging without PBX

Is there a CRM that allows automatically logging calls from the smartphone? Basically link all incoming and outgoing call logs for the contacts in your CRM. We are a very small business, and do not need any other functionality like email marketing, pbx etc (don’t have budget for PBX as calling is currently unlimited at […]

Seeking free or low-cost CRM for adult education program

Hi. I’m starting up an adult education program for a small school system. I’d like to track all my contacts, teaching locations, instructors and associated documents, outreach, and even registration. The school system uses Google Workspace, so an add-in for that ecosystem could work. Can anyone recommend a low-cost or free-to-non-profit CRM they have used […]

Which CRM for small business? Outlook and tracking integration required

Hi there, I would like to implement a CRM system to improve sales. I am a small consulting business and therefore need to be highly efficient. I would like to hire an assistant to search prospects on LinkedIn, create lists, and then send out emails via outreach (or similar) to manage tracking. The crm should […]

Custom CRM or White Labeled?

I am wondering if anyone can tell if this is a custom-built CRM or white labeled? I like what it has to offer, but I need additional features to support my business. Ideally, I don’t have to custom build. TIA. submitted by /u/lkd13 [link] [comments]


Currently using CallRail as our main communication platform with inbound/outbound clients (phone, SMS, forms). Issue we’re having right now is keeping track of follow-up calls, or leads that failed to convert into a sale. We are using a mix of CallRail tags (FOLLOW UP), CallRail notes, and Excel sheets to keep track, notify each other […]

24 of the Best AI Art Generators Available

With constant improvements in artificial intelligence (AI), there are new tools available for businesses to use. One of the main innovations is AI art generators, which allow you to create images and art for your website without designing it yourself. If you want to make your online content more visually appealing while minimizing your workload, […]

💥Seize the Savings: Cyber Promo for Nimble CRM! 💥

Cyber Week Savings Ready to jumpstart your 2024 business growth? Well, there’s no better time to join tens of thousands of Happy Nimble CRM customers than today! We created these Cyber Week special offers for our new customers to take advantage of our biggest sale of the year! 1. Sign up for a free 14-day […]


Hi guys! I was recently tasked with updating and redoing our Unanet (Cosential) and Omg changing stuff is such a clusterfuck and their training videos are not helpful at all. Wondering if there’s a Unanet pro I could pose some quick questions to. Primarily about changing opportunity forms, fields and so on. Using it to […]

Introducing Competitor Website Insights With CompetitorIQ

In the digital arena, staying ahead isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce CompetitorIQ, your ticket to unlocking insights that supercharge your website’s performance. And it’s available in early access for free for every Nutshell customer! Get started with CompetitorIQ Click below to go to CompetitorIQ and start unlocking insights […]