The 15 Biggest Announcements From Google & Facebook So Far This Year

If you’ve been in digital advertising for long, you’re more than aware that the ad channels are constantly iterating on their offerings. It’s critical to stay on top of these changes and make sure you’re keeping up with trends to get the best performance from your accounts. However, Google has posted over thirty announcements and updates […]

10+ Ecwid Updates You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’ve been busy enjoying your summer and missed out on the latest updates from Ecwid, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled an exciting list of the most prominent tools released in the past few months. Get ready for a whole new level of productivity with innovative features like New-Gen Instant Site, custom staff permissions, product page videos, and more. It’s time to explore some game-changing tools! How to sell […]

Build a Community, Says Sendlane CEO

How does an email and SMS platform compete with Klaviyo? Via a community, says founder Jimmy Kim. The post Build a Community, Says Sendlane CEO appeared first on Practical Ecommerce.

What Is Midjourney AI and How It Can Boost eCommerce Marketing

Generative AI (GenAI) is taking most industries by storm. This is primarily thanks to significant strides made in GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) and innovative text-to-image tools, such as Midjourney, which have pushed the capabilities of GenAI to new heights.  Thanks to these innovations, GenAI now opens doors to exciting possibilities, from tackling complex challenges and […]

SERP Signs of a Trusted Brand

A site’s trustworthiness could be its top ranking factor. Google provides clues on search result pages. The post SERP Signs of a Trusted Brand appeared first on Practical Ecommerce.

150+ Dropshipping Products To Sell for Profit (2023)

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How This Jeweler Grew Her Side Gig Into a Viable Business

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Best Time To Post on TikTok in 2023

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