Automate Video Creation with Wideo’s Zapier Integration

Automate Video Creation with Wideo’s Zapier Integration Have you ever dreamt of automated video magic for your next project? Imagine sending custom videos in emails that feel individualized, effortlessly sharing videos on social media, or delivering personalized ‘thank you’ videos—all automated. Wideo’s Zapier integration simplifies video automation, eliminating the manual hassle of creating videos from […]

SproutVideo at 13: An Outsider’s Perspective

With two decades in tech, Tim Ryan joins SproutVideo as the new marketing leader. His experience ranges from incubating and building early-stage startups to helping Fortune 500 companies grow. Do you remember when you went from 12 to 13 years old? It’s a transitional age when the mental shift into teenage years, while sometimes awkward, […]

The Rise of Generative AI in Sales: Transforming Customer Engagement

Unleashing the power of generative AI in sales engagement Despite the slow adoption of digital technologies, Sales is emerging as the leading adopter of generative AI. AI-backed tools and systems are on their way to becoming every sales professional’s digital assistants. Today’s business landscape is customer-centric, and this makes customer engagement the cornerstone of success. […]

3 Best AI Script Writers for Making High-Quality Videos

As the popularity of AI skyrockets, hundreds of companies are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. With an overwhelming amount of AI tools on the market, we tested over 30 different AI script writers to see which tools actually produce quality results.  Many creatives are (rightfully) skeptical of AI’s ability to generate original, engaging ideas. […]

Increasing Expenses in the Video Publishing Industry — What Can Publishers Do

Video publishing has been — and still remains— the largest and fastest-growing segment of the digital publishing industry. However, ever since the covid-19 pandemic, the video publishing field has been experiencing a particularly volatile trend. The pandemic itself brought about a boom in audience sizes. However, it also kept a large portion of advertisers at […]

Prompting AI: Getting the Best Results from Vyond Go

We often hear from customers that the hardest part about creating videos is getting started. It’s the perfect kind of challenge for generative AI. Enter Vyond Go, the industry’s first AI-powered script and video creator. By now, Vyond Go has been out in the wild for weeks. And whether you’ve had a chance to take […]

Maximizing Productivity Through Generative AI in Sales

In the dynamic realm of sales, a new term has taken center stage: AI in sales and Generative AI. Some sales professionals may harbour skepticism about AI and its potential, especially since sales roles thrive on personal connections. However, many are experimenting to discover its true capabilities and potential to disrupt traditional sales methods. For […]