Important news if you have an existing integration can make concurrent Display & Video 360 API requests on Google Ads. From the 2nd of April 2024 The Display & Video 360 API will roll out a new project-level quota of 1500 total (read and write) requests per minute per project and 700 write requests per minute per project.

Google have explained they’ve implement the change to help protect their infrastructure and improve the stability of the API for the overall community.

According to the Google Ads Developer blog most projects fall well below this threshold so won’t need to make any changes, but those with an integration that can make concurrent API requests to 5 or more advertisers, may be at risk of exceeding this new quota limit and should take the following actions:

  • Update the error handling of your Display & Video 360 API integration to reduce request frequency when receiving 429 error responses.
  • Consider using the Display & Video 360 API BigQuery connector to retrieve Display & Video 360 resource configuration settings in bulk.

If you’re concerned your integration might be effected by these changes Google have suggested you check out thier Quota Optimization Guide for more info.

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