Hi, Brazilian here. I decided that my clothing brand will be called ARGUTO, even though it’s not a very good English word.

But another new question arose and I would like the opinion of people knowledgeable in the fashion, luxury market (if possible) or anyone who wants to give their opinion to help me.

ARGUTO here in Brazil means shrewd, quick-thinking, ingenious; not literally intelligent scholar.

When translated into English it becomes WITTY.

My question is:

Is this connotation negative? neutral?

Another thing:

The brand is elegant, laconic (of a few words, which gets to be controversial but I don’t care), minimalist, predominantly neutral colors but with punctual touches of prints and intense colors. It’s a balance between timeless elegance and something urban, modern and utilitarian. Always with a touch of Brazilian lightness.

All this brand identity makes it, by itself, seem “pedant”, for a more “cult”, “arrogant” public.

1- Does the name, which is directly synonymous with SMART, make it seem even more pedantic?

Or does it make sense in the brand?

Is it something that is not a problem, just a detail?

2- Am I being paranoid? Do you think the name is okay to use on the brand?

Because I don’t want the brand to pass this image of forced, snobbish and pedantic, of someone who claims to be intelligent. Yes, the target is smart but I don’t want this so obvious.

I have severe anxiety so I may be seeing in a problematic way something that is not so serious.

Thank you very much.

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