TLTR: Competitor copies my lyrics contents and ranks at first for the keyword. When checked for their backlink it comes from comment section (does this method still work in 2022?). Need some tips to rank mine at first

Hello everyone, I have a lyrics website of my own. And I do provide lyrics to new songs. But there is another website that is in the market and copies the same lyrics I post (I can say this because the lyrics is not in English language originally. Plus even the commas and exclamation mark matches to my content). The problem here is that, I do the hard work of translation but the other website always copies my thing (I don’t have a problem with this particularly because I don’t own the lyrics myself). But the main problem here is that I post the lyrics at first and the other website copies my content and posts it. But still my website ranking for that song’s keyword is at second rank in Google but theirs is at first. Can we do anything to rank mine at first?

Plus I went through their backlinks, and found majority of the backlink was from irrelevant comments from other’s blog post. Is this technique still good at 2022? Should I do the same? How can I rank mine at the first place?


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