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Constant Contact, the SMB- and non-profit-focused digital and email marketing platform, has broadened its offering by introducing BrandKit and Campaign Builder, automated tools for brand consistency and campaign creation. Both solutions are powered by Constant Contact’s AI capabilities.

What is BrandKit? Brand assets are automatically imported from web locations and used to create appropriate themes and templates that can then be used for future campaigns. This obviates the need to manually upload fonts, colors and images for new emails or other content. It also maintains brand consistency across campaigns.

What is Campaign Builder? Campaign Builder offers not only AI-powered content creation but also the capability of identifying the best channels to reach a desired audience. Integrating with Constant Contact’s CDP, it claims to be able to generate campaign recommendations in minutes. These include recommendations for best content, most appropriate channel and communication timing.

Why we care. It’s worth observing that BrandKit can presumably support brand consistency only if the assets on which it is trained are consistent in the first place. Nevertheless, this looks like a big time saver, especially for brands that boast a marketing department of one or two people or those that have, in Constant Contact’s words, less than an hour each day for marketing.

The same goes for Campaign Builder. In a release, a Constant Contact customer said that Campaign Builder can create a week’s worth of marketing content in three seconds. That may be hard to believe, but if it takes less than an hour it will make life easier for smaller marketing teams.


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