I work for a 501(c)3 with three staff members that serves as a pass-through entity, meaning we re-grant federal dollars to other non-profit organizations. In addition to our grant programs, a large part of our work is advocating and promoting our partner sites. I am tasked with finding a CRM to streamline and organize this work. The sheer volume of options is incredibly overwhelming and our circumstances seem to be different than other non-profits in the market for a CRM.

It seems that most CRMs are geared toward fundraising or other donation/donor interactions that would be useless to us. Because of our financial model, we do not fundraise.

What we are looking for in a CRM is a software that:

  • tracks our relationships and interactions with our partners, which are organizations and individuals alike
  • tracks our media appearances/mentions
  • tracks our grantmaking activities.

It would be great if we found a CRM with grantmaking feature that allows us to host the application form as well as a review and reporting process in one software. However, the software I have found that supports this activity (Submittable, Foundant, GoodGrants, etc) do not have CRM features.

I might simply be asking for too much out of a single software. Any advice would be helpful!

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