Hello there, I am looking for a solution and have been striking out all over the place. I work at a relatively small city Planning Department [pop of ~100k+ and 3 planners], and we are looking for a partner and project management solution. Any software I have found is either customer relationship management, or project management. I cannot find one that does both in an integrated fashion, they are almost completely siloed in the plethora of choices. The only “people” I can add are teammates.

For example, I would like to manage a project or initiative, and have every partner that is involved with that initiative nested within that project’s board or what have you, making reaching out and KEEPING TRACK of that contact simple and within the project itself.

Does anyone know of something that can do this? We’re also a bit strapped for cash, as municipalities are, and would appreciate any free or inexpensive options.

Thanks in advance.

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