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Publishers face the ongoing challenge of building and retaining an engaged audience. With social media platforms’ ever-changing algorithms and policies, it has become increasingly difficult for publishers to control audience interactions, build a community, and monetize their content.

Because the conversation around topics and articles moved to social media, I removed commenting here on Martech Zone. In hindsight, I’m not sure that was a great idea. While the comment spam was awful, the problem may have been due to comments being open to everyone.

A better approach may have been to close comments to subscribers and engage them deeply. That would have kept the spammers out and made a more valuable experience with the audience here… with the possibility of building a close-knit community.

There is a solution that empowers publishers to take back control and provide a premium experience for their subscribers.


Disqus is an end-to-end audience engagement platform that enables publishers to create and execute their engagement strategy effortlessly. With Disqus, publishers can have their audience engagement solution up and running in 15 minutes or less, tailored to their specific business needs.

By utilizing Disqus, publishers gain several key benefits. They can foster community among their premium subscribers by providing a dedicated space for discussion and interaction on their website. This keeps the audience engaged with the publisher’s content and brand rather than being diverted to external social media platforms.

Additionally, Disqus offers advanced moderation tools and analytics, allowing publishers to maintain a safe and respectful environment while gaining valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences. Best of all, Disqus opens up new revenue opportunities through innovative ad inventory and subscription conversion strategies that are seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Disqus Features Include

  • Access: Support devices from desktop to mobile, including Google AMP, in addition to 70 languages and counting.
  • Advertising: Choose different ad types and positions to optimize your design and revenue goals.
  • Analytics: Understand total engagements, comments, and unique commenters, and get insights on comment readers, engaged readers, and subscribers.
  • Automation: Based on comment/commenter criteria, determine specific, automated courses of action (e.g., delete, mark as spam, review).
  • Branding: Automatically adapt the platform to your site’s design and color scheme.
  • Moderation: Pre-moderate posts, stop site spam using machine learning, and ban or timeout troublesome commenters.
  • Monetization: Open up new, exclusive ad supply and use first-party data to convert registered users into paid subscribers.
  • Rich Media: Let readers add images and videos with rich media-supported comments.

Getting started with Disqus is simple and straightforward. Publishers can sign up for an account, choose their pricing plan (entry level is free), and integrate the platform into their website with just a few lines of code or a productized plugin or add-on. From there, they can customize the design, set moderation rules, and immediately engage with their audience.

Take control of your audience engagement and monetization strategy. Sign up for Disqus today and unlock the full potential of your premium subscriber community.

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Originally Published on Martech Zone: Disqus: Build an Empowered Community For Your Premium Subscribers With On-Site Engagement