Fathoms Uncharted science fiction book promotion by P.R. Kaufmann


This book is on discount promotion on Amazon for $1.99 (regularly $7.99) 3/27/2024 – 4/3/2024!

On the flooded world of Vaelrika, submarines travel the depths for commerce or conflict. For centuries tyrants dominated that vast expanse known as the Deep, their rule reinforced by soldiers like John Sagis before he joined an alliance to sweep them from power.

Indifferent to those who name him champion or traitor, John buries his guilt while serving as a small-town sheriff. Aided by Mrs. Miriam, a former assassin turned housekeeper, John keeps his promise to watch over young Kyle and Alex, brothers orphaned by the war.

When a mercenary raid upends ten years of tentative peace, John realizes the haven he guards is no longer safe. Overruling Mrs. Miriam’s counsel, John dons a uniform he once forswore and leads the brothers to perceived safety aboard a Republic warsub bound on a secret mission.

John is ordered to help rescue a covert research expedition before their presence is discovered by forces from the antagonistic Kingdom. The mission jeopardizes John’s promise when he’s torn between protecting the brothers and preventing a war.

Wary of the Republic, Mrs. Miriam takes Kyle and Alex, leaving John uncertain of his ability or desire to be anything but a soldier. A freak accident forces their reunion, but John’s old nature resurfaces when mercenaries kidnap Alex and Mrs. Miriam.

A desperate chase leads to a fortress hidden far beneath the surface, where an old enemy and a forgotten weapon threaten to rekindle the fires of war.
Here, John’s struggle to overcome his past becomes the tipping point in a clash to save the world from never-ending warfare and protect a family he never knew he wanted.