Hello there everyone,

So, last week I landed a part-time gig as a cold emailer. Any fellow part time emailers out there? This is my first time taking this kind of job so I really am curious if many has the same job and would like to ask how it is to work part-time. I also have remote full time job but I needed extra income so I took this one. It’s been smooth sailing so far, but let me rewind a bit.

Flashback to six years ago: my first job was in sales and I had part of my job was to do cold calling and cold emailing, I did everything one by one without the any tools back then. Ah, those were the days of manual labor! I had to look for my leads one by one through the internet, then I would call each number I see then ask for their email addresses. Although all the email templates and spiels were provided to me. I just had to look for prospects then send emails to them one by one.

Fast forward to today: My boss told me to use emailing tools. And let me tell you, I never knew that these things were now automated. It’s just funny that I took the job thinking I would do it all manually just like before. But where do I even begin? Time to look for some affordable tools.

After a bit of research, I stumbled upon WarpLeads and Lusha for budget-friendly lead generators. I saw more good reviews for WarpLeads since they say that they offer unlimited leads at a fixed price but I’m looking for more thoughts for Lusha. Have you tried any of these tools?

Now, onto the email sending dilemma. Instantly caught my eye as one of the top contenders. But I still need help with email verification and template creation. Any suggestions of low-cost but quality emailing tools?

So, if you’ve been in the same boat or have braved these digital waters before, I’d love to hear your recommendations for budget-friendly emailing tools. Honestly, any tip you have for a newbie in automated email marketing will be truly helpful. Thank you all in advance!

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