Hi, I want to connect to Dynamics 365 CRM with Power BI Desktop to create some reports and dashboards. I can use either the Dynamics 365 or oData data sources to connect. I only need to give it the URL and credentials to get in. However this attempts to import the individual entities in our CRM and we have to massage the data (e.g. eliminate unnecessary columns, create relationships, measures, etc.), which would take some time to do. I looked around to see whether there is something prebuilt which has some basic measures and relationships setup. There is an app I found, named “Sales Analytics for Dynamics 365” ( https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/power-bi/microsoftd365.salesanalytics?tab=overview ) which I installed on Power BI Service. This seems to work great and I have most of the charts I need. I want to export this to a pbix file, so I can edit it on Power BI Desktop. However I can’t seem to export it. I go to the report and then File. But the “Download the .pbix file” is greyed out: I also tried to connect to the data source that this app uses (e.g. it seems that the dataset it uses is already setup with the columns and measures I need) from Power BI Desktop, but couldn’t find out. I was wondering if there’s a way to connect to this datasource or export the pbix fine? I’m currently setup as an admin to Power BI. Sincerely, Jason