Hi There, I have a custome table called “Notification” that have following fields: The field „Reason“ is an option_set with three Options: (Completed, canceled, Error) and the others fields are Text fields. I will save/use the Subject and Body of this table in a variable in Power automate and then send it as E-Mail to the user. The scenario is to use the body and subject of this table based on user‘s language which is also the UI Language of User. e.g. if a user has English as his UI Language, the email should be sent in english, despite having crm records in other languages for other users with another UILanguages. As you can see in the screenshot below, after selecting the UI language and once i want to get the subject and Body from the „Notification table“, it gives me all the records in different languages while going through a loop. How can ist it possible to filter out records in other languages than the user UILanguage? Thank you and Best regards