Hello: it looks like I made a bit of a mess up in my production environment. While attempting to deploy another product which requires an AD schema edit (Live communication server 2005), that failed and I’d like to start over with a different version of LCS namely 2007, however that won’t let me install it because of the failed schema update from 2005. So, in an attempt to learn from my mistakes I just want to start with a clean forest, with a clean AD schema and back up before I make any changes. The only problem is, I want to take my CRM database and all of the customizations and such with me. The problem with all of this is that by creating a whole new AD structure, the old CRM database and related files will not work as they need the specific groups set up with the specific SIDs prior to the recovery. The question is: 1) is it possible to recover CRM from a broken AD environment to a fresh AD? 2) If so, what are the steps needed to do this? it is important to recognize that I am running CRM version 4.0 with no updates. The reason for no updates is that I couldn’t find the updates.