We have tables created in Powerapps that are connected to sharepoint for documents. Each of these tables has a field named “Sharepoint Link”. We also created some Microsoft Flows that update the record with the Sharepoint Link that its connected to. However as far as we know, the connection between the powerapps table & sharepoint only activate when the record is opened up atleast once through Dynamics 365. This is an issue because we have bulk uploaded any records that require its documents to be uploaded to. And the point of the record having the sharepoint link field is so we can properly upload the correct files to the correct sharepoint folder. The main question here, is how do we get the sharepoint link of a record without having to open it once. We dont want to have to open thousands of records just to get the sharepoint link populated. We need to do this in bulk and want to know how to get the record-sharepointlink connection. We want to run our flow on all records whos “sharepoint link” field does not contain data and have the flow find the sharepoint link and place the link in the sharepoint link field. This flow already works perfectly find but ONLY when the record in question has been opened up atleast once. How do we do this in bulk WITHOUT having to open thousands of records one by one. Thank you!