Hello Sam, As an MS engineer I reviewed some internal documentation and it looks to me like the intended language in the compatibility document was supposed to indicate “and later”… For instance in the following doc: docs.microsoft.com/…/compatibility-with-dynamics-crm-2015 You see a list of previous SQL service pack levels we see compatible and you see: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard SP1 (x64) but it really should read: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard SP1 (x64) and later. Where ‘later’ references further service packs and critical updates to SQL 2014. While I cannot promise to be able to edit this (I am looking into is), I can stake my reputation on it that you should not run into any compatibility issues if you use SP3. Of course, I would always recommend a trial/test upgrade anytime we are considering a major infrastructure move like this to ensure that your environments function as expected after the migration. Thanks, Ken Hubbard Microsoft Dynamics Support