Free online resources for creating digital content in quarantine

Following the global pandemic caused by the spread of the virus known as COVID-19, business, educational institutions, and the whole world were abruptly forced to change their routines.

The need to quarantine in order to prevent massive contagion forced the vast majority of businesses and educational institutions to implement ways of work and educating remotely. While some industries are already accustomed to remote work, an increasingly popular trend, the vast majority of organizations had to completely adapt their processes and tools.

Communication between colleagues, students, and teachers, which before occurred without a second thought, turned into a challenge. What was previously communicated in a meeting in the office lobby or school must today be communicated through videos, images, teleconferences, etc.

Conducting effective digital communication that conveys a clear message and captures the attention of the audience is best done with video. Because unlike other alternatives such as images or voice messages, video conveys the message by using the senses of sight and hearing, making it much more powerful. The challenge here is that the vast majority of people do not have prior knowledge when it comes to creating and editing videos.

That’s why in this article we wanted to share some free online resources to help people who do not have prior knowledge with creating digital content. It’ll give you an easy way to surpass any obstacles you might find during the creation process:

Wideo is an online video maker for creating different types of video: explainer, promotional, tutorials, educational, internal communication, etc. You do not need previous experience. You can create videos from scratch or use pre-animated templates. There is a free version that will simplify your life when it comes to creating digital content.

Our brains love stories. To capture the attention of the audience, you’ll need to tell a story that connects with their emotions. So, before you start designing your digital communication (which includes video) you should take the time to think about the story you want to tell and write it down. Thinking about which texts, images, and voiceover should go in each scene. This is a storyboard. We also want to share with you a free online storyboard creator.

If you don’t have any previous design experience and need to create digital content, one of the problems you might have is combining colors. The right combination of colors is essential for your piece. You can find a free color palette generator here. You only need to upload an image from your computer and the tool will automatically return the color palette that best matches the image.

We understand if you don’t want to record your own voice. I don’t like to hear my own voice either – it’s uncomfortable. I have not been lucky enough to have a voice fir for the radio. Luckily, with this text-to-speech tool, you can create a voiceover for your videos that sounds professional, meaning no more embarrassing recordings!

Share a demo with a client or team member instantly. Record your screen without having to download any software to your PC. You can create a video and share it in just seconds. And it’s free!

screen recording software

COVID-19 Awareness Video

Free Webinar Invitation Template

Company Weekly News Video Template

Webinar Slides Presentation Template

7. Videvo

Create virtual Zoom background videos with our easy-to-use animated video maker. No designing skills required. In less than 5 minutes, create animated video backgrounds for Zoom. You can include your logo and it’s 100% online.

videvo home

Create virtual Zoom background videos without any editing skills. In less than 5 minutes, create animated video backgrounds for Zoom. You can include your logo and it’s 100% online. Here is one of our templates for Zoom:


Digital communication, with video as its main component, has become more important than ever before. Thanks to the existence of free and affordable tools, all companies and educational institutions, regardless of their budgets, can create video content to improve their communication and marketing strategies.
From Wideo, we hope to help you in any way we can. We hope you and your loved ones stay well throughout this pandemic. Be safe!

Is your business ready to discover the power of video? Try Wideo and create your own videos today. 

   Agus Esperón

    Wideo Co-Founder & Head of UX/Design


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