About this series: fsBuilds features developer-built projects showing step-by-step examples, code snippets, and advice on how to approach building with FastSpring. The goal of this series is to not only help you build with FastSpring, but also to inspire you with new and unique ways to leverage FastSpring’s systems to best serve your company. As always, our support and sales engineering specialists are available to help if you need assistance along the way.

Generate Digital Invoices and Quotes Within FastSpring from Salesforce

Job to be done: You are a B2B company with a sales-led or sales-assisted model in place and want your sales reps to create quotes in FastSpring directly from Salesforce and have prospects be able to effortlessly pay for those quotes.

For this build, Fred Linfjärd returns to show us how easy it is to use Zapier with the FastSpring Quotes API. In this build, he uses the API to create and send quotes directly from Salesforce to FastSpring, showing how simple it is to support B2B sales motions by allowing sales people to use the platform they prefer (Salesforce) while you offload the complexity of quotes and payments to FastSpring.


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