Are you interested in starting an Amazon side hustle?

More people are picking up side hustles to boost their income as the cost of living rises. If you want to make money in your spare time, Amazon is one of the best options.

Amazon offers numerous creative and entrepreneurial avenues to people from all walks of life. Join us as we explore how to leverage the e-commerce giant to kickstart and expand your source of income.

Amazon Side Hustles You Can Try

Amazon is a platform of opportunities. You can make money on the platform in several ways without working full-time. Examples of Amazon side hustles include:

1. Retail arbitrage: Retail arbitrage on Amazon involves purchasing discounted items from retail stores and reselling them at a slightly higher price. You can source your products from department stores, discount stores, or retail outlets where the cost is cheaper.

Amazon Side Hustle 1

2. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): If you enjoy writing, publish eBooks through KDP. You can write fiction, non-fiction, or guides on various topics and earn royalties from book sales.

3. Private labeling: Create your brand and sell unique products on Amazon. You can source products from manufacturers, customize them, and use Amazon’s FBA program for storage and shipping. 

Amazon Side Hustle 3

4. Amazon Flex: Join Amazon’s delivery program, Amazon Flex, to deliver packages using your vehicle. You get to choose your schedule and earn money for each delivery.

5. Wholesale selling: Wholesale selling on Amazon involves buying products in bulk to resell on Amazon. This can be a scalable business model if you find the right products and suppliers.

Amazon Side Hustle 5

6. Merch by Amazon: This program allows individuals to create and sell custom-designed T-shirts and other apparel on Amazon’s platform. Sellers upload their designs, while Amazon handles production, printing, shipping, and customer service.

7. Amazon affiliate marketing: You can sign up for Amazon Associates to promote Amazon products on your social media platforms and websites. By doing so, you can earn commissions for every sale made through your platform link. 

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8. Amazon Handmade: Artisans and crafters can sell their handmade goods on Amazon’s Handmade platform. This is a great option if you create unique, artisanal products.

9. Dropshipping: Dropshipping is a business model where you partner with suppliers to sell their products on Amazon without holding any inventory. All you have to do is put up the products on Amazon, and when a sale is made, your supplier will ship the product to your buyer.

Amazon Side Hustle 3

10. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Participate in micro-tasks and surveys on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform. While the pay is modest, it’s a flexible way to earn money in your spare time.

11. Online arbitrage: You can look for discounted products on other online platforms and resell them for a profit on Amazon. Identify products available on online platforms priced lower than their resale value.

Amazon Side Hustle 2

Getting Started With Your Amazon Side Hustle

When embarking on your Amazon side hustle journey, beginning with a solid foundation is crucial. Here’s a detailed look at how to kickstart your Amazon side hustle:

1. Set clear goals and expectations: Before you dive in, take some time to define your objectives. Are you looking to generate extra income on the side, build a full-fledged business, or something in between? Understanding your goals will help shape your approach.

Additionally, consider how much time you can dedicate to your Amazon side hustle. Is this going to be a part-time venture alongside your day job, or are you committing to it full-time?

It’s also important to set financial goals. How much income are you aiming to generate from your side hustle, and over what time frame? Being specific about your financial targets can help you track your progress.

2. Legal and tax considerations: Depending on your location and the scale of your side hustle, you may need to register your side hustle. Be sure to obtain any required licenses or permits.

Additionally, it would be best if you understood your tax obligations. You may need to file as a sole proprietor, LLC, or another business entity, depending on your earnings. Keep detailed records of your income and expenses to facilitate tax reporting.

3. Create a detailed business plan: Start by outlining your business strategy. Who is your target audience, and what products or services will you offer? Understand your niche and what sets you apart from competitors.

You also need to develop a budget that covers your startup costs. This should include expenses such as inventory, marketing, and Amazon seller fees. Having a clear understanding of your financial requirements is essential.

Furthermore, it would be best if you crafted a comprehensive marketing plan. How will you promote your products on Amazon and attract customers to your listings? Effective marketing is often a key driver of success.

Lastly, consider your long-term vision. Where do you envision your Amazon side hustle in one year, five years, or even further? Having a vision can help guide your decisions as you grow.

4. Choose the right Amazon side hustle model: Amazon offers various models, each with its characteristics and requirements. Carefully go through our list of Amazon side hustles to find the most suitable option.

Final Thoughts

An Amazon side hustle is a pathway to extra income and entrepreneurial growth. However, you should take some time to find the right model. As you navigate this exciting journey, remember that success often comes from dedication, adaptability, and a passion for what you do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start an Amazon side hustle with a full-time job?

You can manage an Amazon side hustle with a full-time job. The flexibility of Amazon selling allows people to the hours they dedicate to their side hustle.

Do I need a lot of capital to start an Amazon side hustle?

The amount of capital needed varies based on the business you want to start. Some side hustles require little to no upfront investment, while others may require more.

Is selling on Amazon a sustainable long-term business?

Yes, selling on Amazon can be a sustainable long-term business. However, it would help if you managed them all effectively.

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