Hey SaaS Founders,

This is Noor Fathima, l’ve been working in a good lead generation company since 6 years, and recently due to wave off.

I got laid off from my high paying job, I was unable to overcome that situation tried many things but didnt work out.

Hence i’ve put all my SaaS Lead generation knowledge which i gained from my previous company, and built a SaaS called as HuntMeLeads which finds leads from linkedin and an cold email automation tool.

Initially i tried each and everything nothing worked then ive started Marketing in a different pov and slowly i started getting results, Today my tool does almost $1k MRR, I no need to do job to survive, Now i have almost 3 employess working under me! This was my biggest win ever!

This is for everyone who wants to quit.

I would suggest everyone Never Ever give up untill you win.

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