Hi. My Google Ads account got suspended. I had been using Google Ads for several years without issue. I appealed the suspension, and the suspension was removed within 24 hours, and my account was reactivated.

The problem is, I don’t even know why it was suspended in the first place. The initial e-mail I received from Google Ads was some generic e-mail that mentioned cloaking, using 2 or more accounts to post ads that violate this or any other Google Ads policy, creating a new account after a suspension, abusing Google Ads product features in order to show policy non-compliant content to users and/or gain additional traffic, submitting false information as part of our verification programs, etc. That e-mail is very generic and the reasons are so broad. And I don’t think I violated any of the policies in that e-mail.

All I have been doing recently was optimizing my website’s speed to improve the score on Pagespeed Insights and I mentioned this in my appeal. The most I did was that I started loading up a Youtube facade as recommended at https://web.dev/articles/embed-best-practices, but https://web.dev is written by the Chrome team, and the Chrome team are supposed to be Google developers (https://web.dev/about), so I would be surprised if by following the instructions for a Youtube facade at https://web.dev/articles/embed-best-practices, that somehow got my account suspended.

Unfortunately, when I e-mailed Google Ads back to ask about why I was banned, they sent me a generic e-mail that was not very helpful at all. From when my account was suspended to when it was reactivated, I didn’t change anything at all!

The thing is, I want to comply with Google Ads and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake in the future. But it’s not helpful when they won’t explain exactly what I did wrong in the first place that got my account suspended. I do have a Google rep assigned to me this quarter and I am considering pursuing this further with my assigned Google Ads rep for this quarter. Would it be safe for me to ask the Google Ads rep assigned to me this quarter, to find out exactly why my account was suspended, especially now that my account has been reactivated and is working normally? Or am I just wasting time, or even worse, jeopardizing my account (since it has already been reactivated) by trying to find out why my account was suspended by bringing it up with the Google Ads rep that is assigned to me this quarter?

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