Here is a recap of the most interesting Google Ads product news and anticipations for the European, Middle East & African market in the first semester of 2024.


  • Consent Mode Version 2 new parameters has been already rolled out, for off line conversions it will be released in Q2 2024.
  • Enhanced conversions for GA4 (presently in closed beta) will be needed to future proof conversion data measurement.
  • Deferred Offline Conversion Adjustments (DOCA), still in beta, will enable e-commerce project to upload much more correct and accurate conversion values setting the base for Profit optimization instead of just revenue.
  • GAds Data Manager (already rolled out) is designed to be the data hub and connection point for different first party data integration (Big Query, Salesforce, etc) directly in customer match enhanced conversions etc.
  • Audience customer type (already released) will help the platform to understand the customer journey stage of each audience to optimize performance.


  • Google is working on a Brand/Search Lift measurement tools integrating external sources in the GAds platform for all video ad formats and Demand Gen (starting in Q2 for both GAds & DV360).
  • Marketing Media Mix model template “Meridian” (in closed beta, apply here: ) will also help to model different channel performances (with outcomes from reach & frequency coming from video campaigns).

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI powered Search Ads will mix & change types of your assets to maximize engagement. Headlines, descriptions and other assets will be adapted and used in different combinations to increase performance.
  • Gemini-powered chat will led to a full conversational creation process. In the coming weeks there will be improvements and new functions (release in 6 more languages is on the way).
  • Web to App Connect (the new generation of app campaigns) will further enhance performance measurement, pacing & auto-optimization.
  • There will soon be improvements in Auto Advertising with Store Sales offline conversions (incorporating them in value bidding options) and Google Opinion Reward (available to eligible retailers).
  • Omnichannel experiments for shopping & search campaigns (launched in beta).
  • Pick up later option is now out of beta in Google Merchant Center.

Performance Max

  • PMax for travel goals (in hotel ads) are now available and tROAS for hotel campaigns too.
  • Re-engagement goals will be added to available campaign’s conversion goals.
  • Auto-generated videos with Merchant Center product feeds, text and image assets (you are better to watch out carefully your feed only campaigns!).
  • Vehicle sales PMax will be launched in Europe in 5 more languages (DE, FR, NL, ES, IT) in the coming weeks.
  • Local format expansion in PMax with GMC pilot and PMax for store goals (SA360) will be available in closed beta.
  • Self- upgrade DSA to PMax pilot has been already rolled out in the recommendations page.
  • New data insights are being rolled out: enhanced auction data (but no channel details), budget pacing and performance shifts in ad-strenght score help hints are also on their way.

APP Campaigns

  • Improved data measurement for iOS systems via mWeb inventory support in SKAdNetwork.
  • SKAN event integration” (in closed beta) + tCPA and tROAS bidding models will enable more.
  • Hotel Center Feeds for App Campaigns is now in Alpha stage.
  • App campaigns with GMC feeds will have more filtering and analytics functions (Q2 2024 beta).

You Tube

  • Demand Gen will have a new reach planner (available to all advertisers in Q2 2024)
  • Product feeds are now available in Demang Gen campaigns
  • DG with travel feeds will be launched in H2 2024 (ask to your representative to enter the beta).
  • New creative preview combinations and sharing options in DGen will be available by the end of Q1 2024.
  • Creative preferences in Video Reach and Video View Campaigns will be launched in Q2 2024.
  • VRC new awareness goals will be launched lather on this year (efficient reach, completitions and target frequency).
  • CPV new formats in-stream, in-feeds and shorts are already available in GAds and DV360.
  • New first & third party measurement solutions (reach, Vievability and brand safety verification) are on their way.
  • YT Select (YT Premium Solutions) an AI powered campaign (with 4 different placements: lineups, custom, shorts, sponsorships) to reach engaged audiences with different video ads formats. QR code extensions and Pause Ads (CTV) are on their way too.

Here is the video of the event:

That’s all for this kickoff. If I missed something important, please comment 🙂

May the ROI be with you!