In April 2024, we are releasing a new version of Google Ads scripts that is updated to use Google Ads API v15.

Note: Our generic search and mutate methods allow for new API features as soon as they become available, and have been supporting Google Ads API v15 since its release.

As a result of this change, several features that were removed from v15 of the Google Ads API will no longer be available in Google Ads scripts:

  • AdsApp.adMedia() will throw a sunset error. Media is no longer supported. Assets are used instead.
  • ResponsiveDisplayAd would previously return a Media when fetching its marketing image or logo image. Instead, this will now return null.
  • ImageAd.getImage() previously returned a Media. It will now return an Asset instead. This will be a breaking change if you depend on this method.

In addition to these changes, we will be increasing the default reporting version to v15 if you don’t manually specify a version.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to us on our forum.