I don’t know how many other people here have dealt with Google Ads Support, but I am at my wits end with these guys. My company’s website has been disapproved for literally 6 months because of legal issues, even though Google Ads Support has confirmed our website follows all the legal guidelines and should be approved (I went through the policy line-by-line with one of the reps). Apparently there’s an ‘automation issue’ that prevents Google Ads Support from approving our website. They’re telling me the only way to fix it is to start all over again with a new account.

Is this something anyone else has encountered before? I’ve reworked every single ad and campaign they’ve asked me to for the past 6 months, and now they want me to throw it all away and start over with a new Ads account, even though they acknowledged my website and current account should be approved. How am I supposed to know if my new account won’t suffer from the same problem?

I’ve been asking them why they can’t just fix this automation thing instead but now I’ve been effectively stonewalled. I send an email every day but when they reply I only get a ‘quick update’ like it’s a bot or something.

Any insight would be appreciated. The lack of ads for half a year is killing me.

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