We have a long sales funnel we want to send users down and they need to go through it from the start for us to have any hope of converting them. It makes no sense for them to start later in the process or to go somewhere else on our site. Our manual CPC campaign was performing poorly, so I did a bit of digging and looked in a place I never normally look: “Assets”. To my horror, I found 47 automatically created assets, most of which were sitelinks created by Google and all of them pointing users to useless locations on our site. They are all wasted clicks and we’ve spent > $1000 on them, which is a big chunk of money for us.
In our campaign settings the “Automatically created assets” option is off and it has been since right after we created the campaign. It was set to off before we created any of the ad groups and ads that Google created the automatic sitelinks for.
So does that mean Google will ignore this setting and do whatever it wants? Do we just have to watch the assets section and constantly check in case it’s decided to create more? Or is something else going on here?

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